I introduced my nephew to the Doctor

Doctor Who, that is…

We started off watching the NuWho Season 1 Eccelston ep “Dalek”, he loved it, he really got into the whole mythos of the Daleks (and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love a villain that’s basically a squid in powered armour with a major case of attitude and incessant urge to destroy and EX-TER-MI-NATE!)

I summarized the whole backstory of Who, explained about Time Lord regenerations, so he can understand why there are different actors playing the Doctor, and the basic tech of the TARDIS (He loves the concept of a spaceship that’s bigger on the inside)

Tonight, I put on the Season 3 DoctorDonna ep “Planet of the Ood”, and it was great watching him figure out the story…
“Those things look creepy, are they evil?”
“Why are they killing the people?”
“Why do they carry that ball thing”
“What are the people doing to the Ood? are they selling them? are they slaves?”
“You mean they cut off their BRAINS?!?”
“Now I understand, the Ood are MAD at the people”
“Heh, looks like the bad people are getting what’s coming to them”
“So, the Ood are good, right?”

What impressed me, is that Logan figured out the big reveal for the “head baddie” suit about three minutes before the big reveal…
“They’re going to make him an Ood, right?”

He summed the ep up thusly (paraphrased)
“at first, I was scared of the Ood, they looked creepy, but they turned out to be the good guys, they had a good reason to be mad at the people, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”

during the previews for the next two eps (The Sontaran Strategem, The Poison Sky) he asked “can we watch those tomorrow?”

We have a new Whovian in the making, he was playing Metroid Prime on my Gamecube when I first started Planet of the Ood, but he soon put the controller down and was utterly absorbed by Dr. Who

I think I may just start Logan off at the beginning of the NuWho eps with the Eccleson ep 1 “Rose” and just go in order, now that he’s hooked

At some point, I’ll bring in a few Tom Baker eps, probably “Genesis of the Daleks”

Awwwwww, that’s beautiful! I’d love to hear his reviews of the rest of the episodes! Especially “Journey’s End”.