I involuntarily scream when I slip and fall now, did anyone else start doing that as they got older

In my teens and 20s if I slipped and either almost fell or totally fell I would either be silent or I would laugh.

Then starting in my mid 30s I started screaming involuntarily when this happened. I just had it happen earlier today too, hence my post.

has anyone else undergone this transition? Is this a normal part of aging?

FWIW I don’t involuntarily scream if something frightens me like a loud noise or a jump scene in a movie. Just when I slip and either fall or almost fall.

Uh, how often do you slip and fall? I’ve slipped exactly twice in the past 20 years. Both fairly memorable. No idea if I screamed, even though the second one bloodied my chin.

Is it, like, a bloody murder kind of scream, or more like a little girl in a swimming pool?

Probably 5-10 times in the last 10 years. Mostly due to tripping on cables, wet grass, ice or the bathroom floor being wet.

I recall slipping, but not falling, in my brothers bathtub when I was in my early 30s. I distinctly remember not screaming when that happened. Then when I hit my mid 30s I just started to involuntarily scream when I would start to slip.

bloody murder

I’m thinking of having a documentary of my life made.

I’m klutzy as heck. I don’t think I screamed. I may have cursed a bit.
Recently had a broken foot, tripping over small dogs. I didn’t do anything because the kids were close.

I cursed in my head though. I knew I hurt something, immediately.

Depends on your lifestyle, I think. Every winter I assume I’ll slip and fall once walking around our property. Freezing rain, you know. The slip/falls I work to avoid are the ones that would occur clambering over tree limbs on the ground while doing chainsaw work.

I do not scream, but I do think about the fall and try to roll. So, I fall occasionally but the falls are never consequential. I experience the “time slows down” feeling during a fall.

I’m sure having icy winters doesn’t help. I do a fair amount of hiking, but don’t spend much time on icy sidewalks. I am pretty good about clambering over tree limbs, rocks, etc., though (as long as they aren’t covered with wet algae).