I join the Mafia

The Analog Mafia, that is.

My story, “Ulenge Prime,” has just been accepted by Analog Science Fiction, the oldest continuously published science fiction magazine. As its Wikipedia entry says, it “is perhaps the most influential magazine in the history of the genre.”

I am so psyched.

Big congrats!! How long since you submitted? I know that the Analog slushpile can take a long time to get through. I’ve got something in there at the moment too.

I sent the story to them in August. Trevor did note that he had tried to contact me previously, but I never got the message. That might have added a few weeks.

Major gratz. I [del]never did[/del] haven’t yet sold to them.


But did you consider the Digital Mafia? After all…the Digital Mafia is the new Analog Mafia…

Wow! Congratulations!