Random Mafia

Closed, but relatively standard mafia game.
Newbie friendly.

Sign up here if interested.

I’m in Shaggy’s game that’s about to start on Giraffe, and Idle’s game that is next up on his boards, but I’ll commit to being a sub or taking a spot if the signups lag.


I’ll play.

Oh crap. I forgot about shaggy. Go over there and play with shaggy. He has been very patiently waiting for players. But you can play here too.

/in like Flynn

I’m in. Can’t go too long without a game or I get twitchy.

I had to drop out of my last game because I couldn’t keep up.

How fast and how big do you think this game is going to be sach? If I can get by with my usual 0 participation on weekends then I am in.


/in please

Just to be sure: This isn’t going to be some crazy experiment like not-so-simpletown, is it?

How many players?

/in please

Oh, and what’s the Day/Night schedule going to be?

  1. I am > < thisclose to finding work. It sucks. I was told to call back at 5pm, yesterday, and they would have an offer for me. Also, I’m going to test Tomorrow for a Census job. You wouldn’t believe the pay for those jobs.

2.Very seriously: Would you guys want me to play in this game?

While I do think I had some epiphanies in the last game, I wonder what the jobs will do to my posting.

Or, perhaps they both will help my game overall.

Do you guys want me in on this? **

NETA : I called back since then, still no new info, on that job.

Meeko, I wouldn’t tell you not to play per se, but that sounds to me like a question of priorities. If you’re that close to landing a job, then you probably want to devote all of your time to that right now. Then, if you either don’t get the job, or if you do but still find that you have enough free time, then you can switch in as a substitute.


/ in


/yes, please. Redemption is always only a game away.

I can’t promise what other players will do to you, but I won’t have a problem with players not participating on Weekends. It would be rather hypocritical if I did.

Not a crazy experiment. No.
Target size is about 20.

Days will end on Thursday afternoons. Probably 2 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

It is my personal opinion that it doesn’t matter what anyone else wants. What is important is that you do what you want.