I joined Gamefly (xbox 360 related)

Actually I have the Wii too, but the xbox is more mine and the Wii is my wifes (we play both, but she plays more wii).

We joined Gamefly to play multiple games. We get the 2 out at a time plan and mostly I picked that in case I really liked the game and didn’t want to send it back right away she could still play something. (unfortunately she is very busy with knitting, her new obsession)

For the Xbox 360 so far I have rented Fallout 3. For the Wii : Mario Olympics (which my wife loved) and just in “Tiger Woods Golf” (for a Wii party this weekend).

So I prefer mostly Xbox, but don’t know what games to play. So far what I have gathered is that Borderlands is fun, my wife wants to play the new Jack Black game (Brutal Legends?), and I saw that thread about Dragon Age that looked good.

Any MUST PLAY recommendations? Bioshock? I’m not much for FPS, I have the latest Halo (not the OSDT though) but don’t play it much cause I suck (I like my FPS on the PC). I have Red Alert 3, but have only beat 3 missions (kinda confusing tbh, I’m used to PC controls for RTS).

I’ll get used to them, but those are what I own, what I want to do is find out how many I want for christmas and put those on the list. So what should I put on my list? (I don’t play sports games unless they are wierd ones, like undead football players that kill each other)

Okay, first of all word of advice as a long time Gamefly user… newly released games are nearly impossible to get unless you snag them on release day. You’ll need to wait a few weeks for these games to increase in availability. Brutal Legend and Borderlands both fall into this category right now, and Dragon Age will as well once it comes out next week. GF never orders enough copies to satisfy immediate demand and, unlike movies, people tend to keep games for extended periods. It’s great for slightly older titles though. I currently have Call of Juarez 2 and that new Wolverine game that came out this summer just to give you an idea of what’s easy to get right now.

That said, enjoy Fallout 3, (it’s one of the best games of this generation and one of my favorites) and take your time, it’s a truly massive game. Consider “keeping it” over the weekend and they may ship Dragon Age on Monday if you move it to the top of your queue. About Bioshock, its a wonderfully immersive experience and it’s one of those games I would recommend even you don’t like the genre. I myself don’t tend to get that far into FPS’s but I loved Bioshock and will probably play through it one more time before the sequel comes out next year.

My must have recommendation has to be Mass Effect if you haven’t played it yet. (I never miss an opportunity to recommend this game). A wonderfully realized shooter/RPG with a very well told story and a fleshed out universe. And as a game that originally came out in 2007 it should be very easy to get right now. I’m salivating over the sequel that’s set to come out in January.

I’ve been a GF user since 2003 and I’ve had my ups and downs with the service, but overall I’m satisfied. It has some very big flaws though, (as I’m sure others will come along and elaborate on.) If you have any specific questions about how the service works Epimetheus I’d be glad to answer them. We had a thread not too long ago about GF that discussed it’s pros and cons that might be worth reading over. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

Found it. Some very interesting discussion to be had here.

Previous Gamefly thread.

Interesting thread. One question that comes to mind is, did Blockbuster end up putting game rentals online? I looked before I joined Gamefly but didn’t notice anything.

Otherwise, it seems for a normally casual gamer that is currently unemployed (since the wife is the only one working I can’t exactly buy a game when I want it), Gamefly might have its weaknesses, but it is really the only option. Or become obsessed with one game and stick with it (and I get bored easy, gamer ADD).