I just ate some Naga Jolokia

The hottest chilli pepper on earth, confirmed at over 1 million Scoville heat units.

It’s bizarre. My entire mouth is burning like normal, and I have a sheen of sweat on my brow, but there is an added dimension: extra pain coming out of nowhere. The whole of my lower jaw aches, and so do my ears.

It also tasted delicious, while I could still taste.

After about 10 minutes the fumes went up my nose, I sneezed like crazy and my nose started to run.

The pain in my jaw has subsided but all my teeth feel like they’ve been tapped with a ball-peen hammer. My tongue is now numb.

My right ear still hurts a lot, and I’m quite dizzy.

I’d have expected this from Mangetout.

Where did you get this pepper, and why did you decide to just eat it straight rather than make chili or something out of it?

My coworker brought some puréed stuff in she’d bought, in a jar. I dipped a piece of bread in it and thought, within about 20 seconds, “hold on, that’s not normal”, so I went and looked it up.

Turns out it wasn’t just any old regular chilli…

30 minutes later I’m nearly back to normal. One other bizarre effect was that it took me a long time to type the OP - I made dozens of typos that I had to correct.

From your link:

Video of man eating Naga Jolokia.

It wasn’t quite as bad for me as it was for him, presumably because what I ate wasn’t fresh.

What freaks me out is that the jar says “Warning! Very hot chilli!” not “OMG WARNING!!! Teh hottest motherfucking pepper on freaking earth!!! Don’t try this unless you have coated the inside of your mouth with wax and have iron pants on!!!”

I want me some Naga Jolokia.

Oh boy. I’ve had some really, really hot chillies in different parts of India, but none that comes even close to Naga Jolokia on the Scoville scale. I’ve wanted to try it ever since I first heard about it but so far it hasn’t been possible to find here in Denmark. Do you remember the brand? - I might try ordering it online somewhere (which actually seems like a pretty dumb idea considering the fact that it is apparently a very painful experience).

I wouldn’t mind some Jaga LaNooki.

So how does this work?

At first, I was thinking maybe she is just missing pain or capsaicin receptors in her mouth. But she smeared pepper seeds in her eyes! What the hell? Is it possible her entire body is just immune somehow?

I keep misreading the title as “I just ate some Jawa Nookie”.

You know how when you eat a lot of jalapeno pepers, you feel it at … the other end the next morning?

Get ready.

Eight jalapenos in a minute is the record was? Why did some one not inform me of this travesty. I could have crushed that record and been in the Guinness book years ago. :frowning:

I get MAJOR claustrophobia when I eat really, really hot stuff. Hot does weird things to your body. I love hot.

Yeah, I can’t figure out what that sentence was supposed to be. Eight jalapenos in a minute is amateur.


I can’t even fathom that. I could eat raw habaneros, but no way could I eat more than a couple in two minutes. And they’re a step below these Bhut Jolokias. Incredible.

Aren’t nagas a mythological snake-creature? They’re snakes with wings in Christopher Golden’s The Veil trilogy.

As a professional, I advise you NOT TO DO THIS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Day #2 and my trip to the toilet has not been so bad.

Here’s more from the farm that grew the chilli.

I emailed my Indian friend and she says “jolokia” means nothing in Hindi or Gujarati. However, Wikipedia claims that “jolokia” means “chilli pepper” in Assamese, and “Naga” is indeed the snake god - also a popular god in (Buddhist) Thailand where they eat a lot of chillis. Coincidence? I think not.

And “bhut” means “butt”.

No, seriously, it means “ghost”.

I fully intend to try this stuff again later, against the advice of the good Dr Deth.

There’s something a little addictive about being temporarily disabled by a tiny bit of food.

I agree with Spiff - I gotta get me some of that. I had some homemade BBQ sauce that claimed to be 1.5 megascovilles and that was a ride. This, however, looks to be a pure burn and it needs to be experienced.

“Jolokia” does indeed mean “chili pepper” in Assamese. Your friend may recognise the similarity to the Hindi word “jaluk” meaning pepper.

In Assam the word is pronounced “Noga”, which refers to the tribes inhabiting Nagaland state, not “Naag” which would refer to the snake god. For what it’s worth.