I just bought a new car. How can I tell if it's set up for keyless entry?

There’s two things making me wonder. Firstly, it seems to have every other option installed, and secondly, the keys came from the dealer with a remote fob.

The salesperson told me it might have an alarm/entry system, and it might not. Then again, he didn’t notice the upgraded exhaust system, so I can forgive him that transgression.

Is there anything I can look for to help deduce this?

And, yes, I did check the battery in the keyfob, and no, the doors did not unlock :slight_smile:

Check the owner’s manual to find out if the model comes with keyless entry/alarm standard or as an option. If neither, you probably don’t have it. If it’s an option, check and see if it’s listed on the invoice. (If it’s standard, of course, you’ve got it.)

If that doesn’t help, call the dealer.

Why didn’t the salesman check for you?

Dear Mr. Cynical,

We are to believe that you purchased a new car; and the salesman and you don’t have a clue as to if the car does or does not have the features you mentioned!?!

You should immediately forfeit your drivers license. We do not need more clueless people driving the highways.

Sincerely, JimBob

Assuming it’s factory installed the options and specs listed on the window sticker (that they should have removed and put a folder with your ownership documents) should have that information.

Assuming it’s a 2003 unit what is the specific model?

JimBob, hold your horses, sparky. I think you’re a little swept up with the wrong spirit. I applaud your enthuisiasm, but am dissappointed in your over-eagerness to apply your newly developed skillset; Jumping In Without Knowing For Sure What You’re Talking About. It’s a common mistake on the boards. Hell, I’ve done it myself (albeit not in a long, long time). I rate your post a 6 for the pit, and a 4 for GQ. Just slow down a bit, and you’ll do fine in the future.

Kat and Astro: It’s a 1999 model, fresh into the lot, and per my giving it a once-over, right back out of the lot. I’m hoping that there’s some kind of obvious piece of equipment that I can see installed (somewhere, anyway) that would give it away. I know that it is indeed a factory option, but the keyfob appears to be aftermarket, upon comparison with the one illustrated in the owner’s manual.

As to why the salesperson didn’t check, well, you got me there, pard. Honestly, it wouldn’t have been a deal-breaker, so I didn’t press the issue. I mostly wanted the engine and body. I can get an aftermarket unit installed if’n I wants one bad enough :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Before you jump down anyone’s throat, Mr. Cynical, I should point out that to most people the phrase “I just bought a new car” implies very clearly that the vehicle in question is a brand new, no-miles-on-it vehicle. That’s why some folks assumed you were an idiot for not being able to look at the window sticker, and see if “keyless entry” was listed on it.

In fact, however, you didn’t buy a new car - you bought a used car.

My thoughts as I read the OP were “what fool buys a new car from a salesperson who has no clue whether or not the car has a particular feature, and especially one that you asked about!!”

And now to offer something constructive(!). If there is an alarm system built in, look around the engine bay or boot for a siren - they’re usually well hidden, but not enough to obstruct the sound. Another option, but harder to find would be the CPU for the alarm system - those I’ve seen are a small box with wires running out of one of the sides. Also from what I’ve seen, they’re well hidden.

Would it be too simple to try pressing buttons on the key fob and see what happens?

If it has no buttons on it, I would guess it to be an after-market immobiliser that has been installed at some date (since it is not mentioned in the owner’s manual) these work by needing the key fob to be in close proximity to the ignition system when the car is started.

If it was a local trade in just get the name of the previous owner and call them up and ask.