Keyless entry

I just bought a new truck (2001 Nissan Frontier) and it does not have power locks. I want to get a keyless entry system (with alarm, etc.) Does anyone know of a manufacturer of keyless entries that are any good? Since I don’t power locks is this going to be possible at all?


also is it possible to put a remote start on a vehicle with a manual transmission?

You can get keyless entry kits, and you can get manual to power lock conversion kits. You figure it out :wink: JC Whitney]( has both.
2nd post:
Not that I’m aware of, but if it exists, JCW will probably have it.

yeah, i checked JC Whitney (they didn’t have much). I did find this, but i want to make sure i get a good one, ya’ know? I was wondering if anyone had actually installed one and knew of a good system. I doubt the remote start will work, but i figured if anyone knew, a doper would :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the input. . .

All you need for remote keyless on a manual lock vehicle is 2 actuators to connect to the lock rods in the door. They’re just little servos that pop the locks. They are fed by a brain that tells them to pop when you hit the button.

Remote start cannot be installed on manual vehicle, by law. At least, not in an installation bay. It’s something you have to do yourself, because it can be very risky. You must ALWAYS set your parking brake and leave it in neutral for remote start to work. Email me and I will give you instructions on how to do it. I’ve done it to my car.

Do not use JC Whitney. Go to the homepage of Directed Electronics, Inc. They are the manufacturer of well-known car alarms, remote start systems, and keyless entry systems (as well as door pop, remote convertible, remote window, etc., systems) such as Viper and Sidewinder (6500 HF is the model I have).

For more info, click on “Design your own security system” on their homepage.

If you wish to install power windows/locks in your vehicle, you may check out here where I’ve started a thread about your door locks in a car electronics/audio forum.

If you have any more questions just post them here, or email me. I am well read and experienced in car audio & security, as well as general car electronics. If I don’t know the answer I can connect you with someone who will. My email address is below.


Puting remote start on a car/truck with a manual tranny is a bother. A few extra switches for safetys sake. the unit will not let the car start with tranny in gear. makes sense.

I used to sell and install car electronics as well… The information he is giving you is solid and the Directed Electronics remote start unit is well-designed and actually not too expensive, either. It is what I use when I don’t make my own.

As for the Autoloc stuff, I have not used it, since I usually just buy the door lock motors separately, but I have heard nice things about them. From what I understand, their instuctions are good and the quality is not bad, either.

Thanks for all the good info so far. . .