I just bought a new fish tank and need links about the following fishies:

Tricolor/bala sharks

Irredescent(sp?) sharks



I haven’t been able to find out much on the search engines. Looking for links on habits, care etc. Thanks!

Of course, any tips Dopeheads can offer would be great! The only concerns I have so far are:

  1. The pondscuker looks like he might have fish bite damage to the top of his tail- is it supposed to be red? My wife is panicking . . I sayit’s the way they come.

  2. The irredescent shark hides for a long time . . then comes out and goes nuts looking for food . . then hides again. Is this normal?

The Triclor looks like he’s having a great time, and the Tetras are in tetra heaven.


If you’re experienced with aquariums, you already know this. But in case not…

With a new tank it’s really important to add only a few fish at first until the nitrogen cycle settles down. If you don’t, everything will be great for a couple of weeks, then everything will die.

I think that you mean some sort of algae eater or catfish, of which there are literally hundreds of varieties. I’m sure that at least a few have red spots on their tails. Could you be a bit more specific?

As for a link:

Tetras are good beginners’ fish - fairly cheap, yet colourful, and easy to look after. They can survive a large variation in water temperature and conditions, so you’re less likely to kill them as you get all the various water levels right.

Their only problem is that, when small, they can be targets for bigger, aggressive fish, but your local pet fish store should be able to give you advice about fish compatibility. There are no fixed rules, however - I have three Golden Barbs, which are supposed to be very placid. Oh no they’re not - not these three. They will kill any new fish introduced to the tank within a day.

I think some drastic action may be called for…