I just bought my dream stove!

I just won an auction for a Chambers model 90-C, the same stove used by Rachel Ray in 30-minute Meals!! I’ve been looking at Chambers Stoves for years, but there haven’t been any in my price range and driving range.

This stove was purchased new in 1952, and th cost at that time was $429.00. Although I would’ve liked ot get either a pastel yellow or blue, those often go for thousands of dollars. In fact, a fire-engine red one with a unworking oven went for $2975 on e-bay a few months ago.

Here’s my stove. Squee!!!


That’s really cool. Mr. Geek and I always said we really liked that stove RR uses.

Good price too. Hopefully all it needs is a good cleaning.

Happy cooking!!

You should check the yellow pages to see if there are any auto body businesses around you; I’ll bet they could re-paint your stove any color you want. How about a nice tiger stripe?


LVgeogeek - It’s been in use the whole time, so it should work well, but you’re probably right about needing a cleaning.

medstar - Now, if we were talking Alton Brown’s KitchenAid mixer - his has flames. But flames on a stove might be confusiing.


What’s that surface on the top left? Is it for cooking things like bacon, pancakes and the like?

Regardless, that’s a happenin’ looking stove. Tres bitchin’.

What’s that sonny? You’re going to trebuchet her stove? :confused:

Lieu - You’d better not trebuchet my stove! You can do the old one - how about that?

The thing on the left acts as a griddle for cooking sandwiches and bacon and eggs, that sort of thing, Then you turn the handle and ir raises up to be a broiler. Very clever design. And on the right back corner is the world’s first crockpot. It’s a 1-gallon well could simmer soups or whatever using low heat.


[goes back and actually reads auction text] That’s good, all it should need then is the elbow grease. Maybe you should get one of these to go with the stove.

I also love Alton Brown’s flame job mixer… I want it. I wonder if I can find anybody in Las Vegas that will custom paint a mixer? Of course mine is silver, not black… oooh maybe ghost flames. :smiley:

Oh man, what a score, it’s really beautiful! Let us know how it works. I wonder if an auto body place could paint it for you? I know there are artists who customize appliances, but they usually charge an obscene amount for it.

My parents still have their Chambers stove. They love it so much that they’ve moved with them several times in their 61 years of marriage. The burners have lost their porcelain coating, the built-in clock is broken, and there are other little bits of wear and tear (50+ years of use, though). Still, it works great.

Dad almost burned down the house using the broiler. The open flames of the broiler ignited some grease when he opened the lid to turn the meat he was cooking. Closing the broiler and turning off the gas smothered the fire. Since then, we’ve been very careful about opening the broiler when cooking with it!

Theirs doesn’t have a pilot light in the oven. Does yours? If not, lighting the oven can be tricky if you’ve never done it before. I can give you a run-down if you think you need it.

It’s a beautiful and useful stove. Enjoy!

LVgeogeek - Ohh…nice. I can’t afford one, alas. Can’t afford anything right now - Single (pathetic) income, 150-year old farmhouse I"m slowly rehabbing.

NajNivea - White will do me fine. I’m just happy to fanally have my Chambers.

Ivorybill - How exciting to talk to someone who has actually used a Chambers!! Is theirs connected to gas or propane? I believe mine has a liot light, but I’m not sure - can I contact you if I have questions once I get it? I’m picking it up this weekend.


Theirs is hooked up to the gas line as they live in the city. Please do contact me if you have any questions. My email addy is in my profile. If I cannot help, I’ll call my dad and check with him as he’s done the maintenance on the stove all these years.

I hope you have a strong back and some friends with strong backs and a dolly (or two) and a truck with a lift gate. It’s HEAVY!

Ivorybill - My stepfather and I are going to get it. He has a low trailer and appliance dollies, so hopefully we’ll be able to manage it ourselves.


Dear Lord that was heavy! The stove is home and I’m cleaining it. Does anyone know of an efective degreaser?


I thought about you on Saturday, believe it or not, and hoped that you didn’t have too difficult a struggle. I’m glad you were able to get the job done.

I cannot help you with the degreaser, though. Mom and Dad have always used EasyOff or similar canned oven cleaners. I bet there are more modern options that are less caustic.

IIRC, the drip pan in the oven can be removed.

Good luck!