I just can't have nice things I suppose

Fucking fuck. Ok, so we bought a house around a month ago. It’s a beautiful house, but nothing we try to do actually makes things any fucking nicer. From the shelving unit supplied with hardware that does nothing but fall into the wall, to the shit sucking microwave that does not fit in the space that the microwave is supposed to fit in (and that was measured repeatedly before purchase) to the goddamn brand new bedroom set that came delivered with a cracked mirror and a fucking dresser drawer that doesn’t fucking close, to the goddamned flat screen I had to go buy because our old tv doesn’t fit on the new furniture that has a white case instead of the black one (who wants a white LCD tv?!?! We picked out black and asked twice to make sure it was fucking black!) and the remote that does nothing no matter what batteries are installed. I am sick and fucking tired of going out and finally spending the cash to upgrade from college fabulous to Actual House Grown Ups Live In only to have everything be an unmitigated disaster. Would it kill everyone to supply a bit of fucking quality?

Sure, all those nice folks at the store that were just jacking off my wallet were sure pleasant as hell when we were in the store, but just wait until something goes wrong. Now everyone just wants to give attitude and poor service. I feel like giving up and moving out into the yard in a fucking tent. I hope those people all choke on their cock sucking commission checks.

Except that at this rate the tent would probably leak.

Fuck spending hard earned money on over priced pieces of dog shit that do nothing but send my stress level through the roof. FUCKING FUCK ASS FUCKS. I’m going to have a drink now.

Use a coaster.

But you’re a customer :eek: , which means around here you’re always wrong. :rolleyes:

Why accept delivery on a mirror that’s cracked? Or on any item that isn’t what you purchased?

I feel bad for you–and it truly sucks to have to go through that kind of stuff. But maybe you need to call these stores back and talk to someone who can help you get what you want?
Don’t call after the drinks… :slight_smile:

I know, I know, but the crack in the mirror isn’t instantly obvious and we were trying to finish painting the room before the delivery showed up so we were a bit hurried and more than a bit frazzled when it came. It wasn’t until we started putting clothes and stuff in them that we noticed.

So I called the store that sold us the furniture and told them about the two problems and that I expected them fixed (we have the protection plan anyway). I’m not taking another day off of work, so this has got to be done either later in the evening or on a weekend. The lady on the phone had the fucking balls to say, in the snottiest voice possible “You know, WE like to have weekends off too…” Hey, fuck you! If memory serves I bought the damned stuff on a Saturday and that didn’t seem to bother you so much, so that shouldn’t really represent too much of a problem, and if you don’t like working weekends, get a new job.

After much speaking to supervisors, the guy is coming out to fix it on a Saturday, but it’ll be two weeks before he can come. That’s fine, I’m sure that weekend appointments are at a premium, but still.

A trip to the hardware store for larger wall anchors has fixed the shelving problem (of course I got excellent service from the hardware store. I think they know better than to fuck with homeowners in full blown rages, plus they’re nice all the time anyway) and hopefully a trip back to the electronics store will have the TV swapped out with no issue.

The microwave, otoh, is going to require sanding my maple cabinets down about 1/16 of an inch on either side. I’m letting my FIL take on that one.

You might want to simply exchange that for a different model. Most of the microwaves I’ve encountered require a minimum airspace around them and sanding down the surround by 1/8 inch to squeeze it in does not sound like it will provide that space. (Of course, if you are only talking about getting through a façade to a wider area with ample room, it might not be a problem.)

Just to balance things out, I gotta tell a story of furniture delivery above and beyond the call of duty.

We bought a bedroom set for our new house, and in our naivete did not adequately take into account the awkward and narrow staircase up to the second floor where our bedroom is - in that, we thought “the master chest comes apart in two pieces, surely they will fit”.

Well, when the pieces arrived, the moving guys took a look and said “I do not think they will fit, but I can’t be sure”. The problem was that you had to lift the piece over a bannister, rotate it on the spot, and up the stairs while twisting it - no one simple measurement, or combination, would tell you if it fits.

So they called up their expert moving guy, who has been moving furniture for fifty years - and the guy showed up in half an hour, and after careful examination announced that it would not fit. He then proceeded to carefully go over all their other furniture lines, telling us what would fit and what would not; we sent the original stuff back and they replaced it with our choice of new stuff, chosen on his advice, which fit (but barely) which his team expertly moved into place w/out a scratch - all at no expense to us (other than a generous tip), and without any argument or attitude at all. It was truly amazing to see these guys moving this heavy stuff around through contortions to get it up that old staircase.

We appreciated it, and they got our patronage again when we wanted some more stuff.

Well, at least an airplane didn’t fall on your house. I mean, it could happen, right?

And at least he’s not being followed around by an ugly six foot tall bunny.

I’m glad to hear that things will get rectified. It is so frustrating.

I once bought a nice lamp–ok, a cheapo lamp, but it was still nice and new and looked good. It wasn’t in this house 2 days before one of my kids-doing what they shouldn’t have been–bent the metal shade. :mad: I thought the exact same thing as you did: well, God likes to fuck with me and ruin anything NICE I manage to get, but then I got over it (and punished the child).

The microwave sounds scarey–I’d get another one.

If you jam that microwave into place, it could start a fire.

Sorry, dude, I know you’re just venting here, but after reading this, I’m hearing Chandler from “Friends” - “…my wallet’s too small for my fifties, and my diamond shoes are too tight!”

In other words, what I’m trying to say is maybe try counting your blessings, instead of your problems. What’s that old saying? “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% what we make of it.”

I was at Best buy looking for a hard drive because my first and second choice vendors were out of stock on that item.

It makes me want to burst into tears at the dozens of computers being carted out of there every day, knowing if almost anything goes wrong, the weak squad will be charging nearly 50% of the price tag to fix it.

A couple years ago we bought some outdoor furniture direct from a Japanese company and had it shipped over. Because of the lack of local retailer/middleman, we were mighty worried about getting something other than what we had paid for, or damaged goods. So the day of the delivery I took off work and sat back waiting for the truck to arrive. The driver dragged the pallet of wrapped and padded furniture to the liftgate, lowered it, and handed me the receipt for me to sign. I told him I wouldn’t until I’ve inspected every piece, so he leaned against his truck while my wife and I unwrapped every single item (about 10) at the curb in front of our house. When we were done our front lawn was covered with furniture and piles of protective wrapping. The guy was pretty pissed but he wasn’t allowed to leave w/o my signature, so screw him.

The neighbors were laughing at us.

Yup, that’s what I’m after. It’s a space designated for a microwave, it’s just a problem with what I’d call the “lip” on the front of the cabinets. A good buddy of mine, who was also my home inspector, gave the green light on the installation. I’m not about to just start randomly jamming radioactive heat boxes into spaces in my home without a thought towards not burning my house down, but thanks for the tip.

I can understand that, but a great deal of this frustration comes from the fact that we had to save long and hard to be where we’re at. It’s not just a case of “well those items that I bought with my huge amount of disposable income sure do suck, hahaha!”. Each of our purchases represented a long series of sacrifices and trade offs. I think that some of this may well just be residual grief of “I skipped going to a Cubs game for two years for…for…THIS???”

Now that I’ve been bringing this stuff up at work and what not it’s really depressing to hear that almost everyone has a story like this, we’re just new to the game apparently. Everyone has been fucked over with large purchases, and it seems to happen all the time. Most people are at the point that McNew is at. Don’t sign shit, check everything, and sadly in lots of cases, send it back.

Yeah, I can see your point from that perspective.

Well, give us the name!

Then you have your answer. :slight_smile:

I think that some of this may well just be residual grief of “I skipped going to a Cubs game for two years for…for…THIS???”

Skipping Cubs’ games for two years is a sacrifice? :smiley: