I just discovered my long lost teenage-years best friend!

Well, its my fault she became long-lost in the first place. Since the whole world got email it seems I have become too lazy to write actual letters anymore. Which sucks because I used to write them all the time. But anyway, she was in the army the last 6 years and for the last 3 or so, I have been perpetually losing her address. Well, I remembered she was supposed to get out of the army this summer, so I was in this mad fit to find her and contact her before then so that I wouldnt totally lose her forever. I tried calling her, emailing her, everything except writing to her because that would take to long. Well, her email address and phone number had been disconnected. “Damn it!” I thought. “She may have deployed or gotten out and now I’ll never find her.”

I felt bad. My friend was gone forever and it was my fault.

And then…just yesterday I looked up her name online and it linked to a website. Well, I knew right off it was her because she has a unique name. I go to the website and it is clearly the domain of a teenage girl, so I started wondering whose it was. (she has a few siblings.) I saw a name on it finally and realized this was my friend’d youngest sister’s site. The girl’s in high school now and I remember her as being a little little girl back when me and my friend were hanging out!!! That’s some freaky time passage stuff.

So, the good news to my story is, I emailed the sister and have now gotten in touch with my friend, finally!!!


Isn’t that one of the coolest things the internet has brought us? I have found several people I hadn’t seen in 20 years. Except for one instance, it’s been wonderful hooking up again.

A similar thing happened to me.

I’ve been best friends with Emily since the 3rd grade, but when we went to different high schools, we stopped talking, just like that. The kicker is, we lived around the block from each other! Time passed, I moved, things happened. One day I heard from my mom that she was having a rough time and called her up. Next thing I know, we’re drinking together at least once a week.

The really, really cool thing is that, although we have quite different personalities and have been separated from each other for quite a while, we have the such similar sensibilities it’s downright spooky.

So congrats on your new old friend!

I lost his address in a computer crash – that DID give me the excuse to buy a new computer, which I am in love with, but that’s beside the point – but a couple of months ago I found a friend from high school who I haven’t seen in ten years.

I am SHOCKED to find that he’s married, and not because I wanted him for myself, but because I never thought it’d happen.

I just visited recently by email with an old high school buddy who has gone on to Bigger and Better things – he’s a musician, and these days is arranging and producing for the likes of Aaron Neville and Natalie Cole, way cool! – and it was so fun catching up. And to think I remember him when he was a callow teenager, asking if he could deflower me…(I’m ashamed to say I laughed – but really, how COULD I have kept a straight face???)