I just finished my Christmas shopping !

I usually get off pretty cheap, but this year I spent just under $500.00. My kids have always asked for inexpensive things, so I never spent more then $200.00, and they each got abotu 10 gifts. But this year when I asked them about Christmas, I got slammed with all expensive things. We’re talkin’ Gameboys and game, CDs and CD players, jewlery and the normal list of toys. Now I’m broke. :eek:

I love the holidays.

Yeah, so what’d you get me? I’m pulling for that new interactive R2-D2… :slight_smile:

It’s not even October yet and you’re done Christmas shopping!! I’m soooooo jealous. Every year I tell myself that I’m going to get started early and get it out of the way and I never do it. I usually start my shopping in November and it never fails that I find myself at the store on Christmas Eve looking for a gift for a relative that’s decided to pop into town or else I’ve forgotten to buy something for someone. Grrr! :mad:

I haven’t started yet either, Kiki. But I’m thinking about it, so that counts for something, right?

It’s harder every year for me, as the kids grow up and I can’t get them crayons and coloring books anymore. And they are not nearly as impressed with soap/candle (handcrafted! you’d think they would be impressed!) gifts as my friends are. :wink:

So I guess you are going to buy some dye and start on those Easter eggs next weekend?

DMark, actually I planned on starting that in November. :smiley:

It is people like you that make people like me even worse.

Shopping on the internet has made life so much easier. I do my Christmas shopping in late November. I order fruit baskets from Harry & David for my immediate family and the total is about $300.00. The shipping is quite expensive but I consider it money well spent if I don’t have to go near a shopping mall.

coal coal COAL !!!

That’s all you’ll get, young lady, for being such a show-off!

Heck, she’s going to have to get me a new computer with this big-ass hard drive and all the newest components… never mind your interactive R2-D2, you geek. (and I say that in the most loving way possible) :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t even started to get my Christmas cards yet, and as for presents? I’ll get them for my brother, sister, some friends of mine, and maybe some for myself. (hey, if you can’t treat yourself… besides, you don’t want to know what my mom’s idea of a suitable Christmas present is) But you can bet I’ll get some virutal presents for certain people I know online… hee hee. :smiley:


I used to always get mine done before Thanksgiving, but I’ve fallen out of the habit the last few years. I’ve started buying and I’m going to try to make it by then again this year.

I have three presents purchased so far - yay me!

Ok - one was supposed to be a gift last year that got forgotten, the other is a duplicate item.

I’ve got a couple of handmade gift items in mind that I have the supplies for - does that count?

I’m usually done by now too. This year I haven’t started yet

Hit reply too darn quickly. This year I haven’t started yet 'cause I bought a house and am poorer than usual. But I love christmas and have to start soon.

That’s why she is broke. Three more months left and she could have paced herself. :smiley:

I’m doing better than I have in most years past. I bought a few presents, and I have some ideas for others, and quite a few where I don’t have a clue. This year, the number of kids who call me Auntie Flodnak hit a round dozen, so not starting before December would be flat-out masochistic of me :eek: