I just finished watching 'Time Changer' (warning anti-religeous view within)

I realized straight away that it was a christian propeganda movie, so as a completely non-religeous person I decided it might be amusing to watch and I might get a few laughs at it. I did.

But the message of the film which became apparent at the end I found offensive - that human beings have to be moral through fear of the ‘authority of jesus’ rather than because it is our human nature to do/be good (which is what I believe).

I am offended that the people who concocted this religeon believed that people, weak as they are, needed to be convinced that there was some all powerful authority that would punish them if they stepped out of line.

It may be the case that society is breaking down or is in such a state because lack of fear of punishment. But I don’t think the solution to that should be based on a set of lies.
If you are a christian and are offended by this post then I apologise, but I feel it is justified as I am offended by your belief system.

What’s the movie ostensibly about, though?

If you thought Time Changer was bad, go and see Omega Code.

What made you watch that thing anyway? These fundy movies are zero-budget affairs with almost no distribution.

Morbid curiosity friedo.

IIRC, this Professor of Religion in the 1800s writes this article that says the bible should be taken figuratively. So, this other professor at the college, who’s played by the Captain from Love Boat, who happened to invent a time machine, gets mad at him, and sends him into the present. The Religion Professor meets Paul Rodriguez, and finds out that because people don’t take the bible literally anymore, they cuss and are mean to their parents and are all evil.

Lobsang, I read this thread because you advertised an “anti-religious view”. I must say I was pretty let down- very weak on the “anti”.

Couldn’t you have given us something like:
“Jesus sucks cock!”
“Mary should’ve had an abortion!”
“Joseph was a creepy old guy who got off on 12 year old girls!”

Really, you should try harder next time.

I have not seen any of these movies but must admit the description sound somewhat interesting. That said I do agree with the sentiments of the OP and might end up taking out on the TV.

I am a Time Changer myself, and I am going to send you all into the present!

snaps fingers


Mwua hahaha!!

Homer: “Oh what a horrible future we live in”
Bart: “uh, don’t you mean present”
Homer: “whatever”

(or a facsimilie of…)