Zeitgeist 3 - opinions?

I just watched this and am curious about the rest of the population’s opinion on the concepts it discusses. Seems pretty spot on to me. And scary.

The first Zeitgeist movie was a pile of rubbish.
Missed Zeitgeist II: Electric Boogaloo.

Can you give some sort of summary of the ideas discussed in the third, since I assume it’s another massive video posted online?

Um, do you mean part of this series? From the description it sounds like an indiscriminate mix of theories ranging from moderately plausible* to raving lunacy. Mostly the latter.

*Specifically, the claim that Christianity is heavily ripped off from other religions.

Here ya go. Basically about what awful people we are. :wink:

I actually meant 3, specifically.

Do you want to discuss the Conspiracy Theories that it promotes or discuss the movie, itself?

Generally, a topic posted to Great Debates should include an actual assertion or thesis and some arguments to support it. Discussions of movies belong in Cafe Society.

Please let us know your intentions (along with an actual argument if you were looking for a debate) so we know what to do with this thread.

(I will forewarn you that this board is pretty heavily populated by posters who consider the vast majority of Conspiracy Theories to be utter hogwash.)
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Not seeing it, but based on Zeitgeist 1 & 2?

Complete, unsupported, bullshit. Others will happen along with support, but you can quote me on it.

Less snarky: Zeitgeist 1 was, how can I put this, complete, unsupported, bullshit. It was…
Okay, I’m on my best behavior here, but would you please support its claims? Try to edit out the religion stuff, which is another discussion.

I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear… on the Dope, you’ll rarely find people who are willing to sit through a long video in order to see if you may have a point or not. Can you please provide some sort of ‘executive summary’ to state what ideas are discussed in the film/what ideas from the film you subscribe to and would like to support, and we can go from there?

If it’s just that people are schmucks, then yes, more people are. Most people are also rather stupid, but I’m not sure what kind of a debate you’ll get from something like “Resolved: folks are stupid jerks.”

As described in the article, 99% lunacy. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was indeed at the least heavily distorted. The rest is right wing conspiracy nonsense I’ve heard any number of times before.

I’m referring to the points it makes about consumerism… capitalism… the whole shebang. If you haven’t seen it, no need to sit through almost 3 hours unless you really have the desire. I was just asking those who might have seen it already.

Oh, I saw the moderator’s post. I can move it to the Cafe, but I thought since it dealt with discussions about our economy, it might be okay here. Sorry!

You really aren’t going to find many Conspiracy Theorists on the Dope, and as such you won’t find many people who watched a 3 hour long CT movie in their free time. You’d have much better luck on an alternate message board. Still, people here are generally game to go the distance in the course of fighting ignorance, and if you can mention specifics so that folks don’t have to watch the film themselves, they can most likely clear up any errors the movie has made.

I didn’t realize it was all considered conspiracy theories. My bad. You can remove the thread.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that not a single poster who engages in this forum with any regularity at all is going to sit through that movie, but perhaps I’m mistaken.

As I watched a few minutes of the first one a few years back I have no desire to even click on the link of this one, but I did read some of the reviews on IMDB which at least gave me far more insight than you have thus far. Aside from the fact that the reviews look very much like an astroturfing campaign (just about every reviewer had only a single review, this movie), I found some of the ideas hilarious. We’re going to have empty oceans in 2030? Awesome! We should let HAL 9000 determine who gets what resources? Seriously?

Which points specifically did you want our opinions on? We can certainly discuss economic, behavioral, or even conspiratorial concepts without having to watch the movie.

And this involves us from all over the political spectrum, American Dems and Reps, OR the Yurpean equivalents. Politics doesn’t mean squat when we can agree we’re dealing with nonsense.

<googles> Oh, ho, so these movies are connected to those Zeitgeist Movement guys? Didn’t know that. I’ve seen a few of them show up on this and other forums and get eaten alive, they don’t do well in forums where they aren’t preaching to the choir.

I’ve seen the entire third Zeitgeist film, but not the first two. (The third is the one about the monetary system being a scam, right?) I agreed with some of the problems they identified, but I was really underwhelmed by the proposed solutions. I don’t want to see how they would design civilization from a blank slate, I want to see how they would design a civilization that we can actually transition to from the present day. The ending with the entire population voluntarily deciding to abandon money was just ludicrous.

I object, because a lot of people believe it is real. The BIGGEST part of “Fighting Ignorance Since 1973” is fighting ignorance. I have no doubt that you will be a welcome addition to this board. You asked a good question. We answered it, but you cannot take it personally.

Just think: A year from now you can slap down a newbie. What could be sweeter? :wink:

No, really, it’s part of how you become a Skeptic. (pleasant :slight_smile: ) Just keep your mouth shut at Thanksgiving dinner until the pie is served.

That’s hilarious. Thanks. :wink:

Thank you for that! That’s really all I wanted to hear. Opinions from those who had seen it. I agree the “solution” was quite ludicrous, but I did agree with their opinions on the monetary system.