… what the fuck??

I had just started my first thread here today. I had spent a lot of time on the OP, made sure not to misspell anything. Tried my best to use proper grammar. Contemplated posting for about ten minutes after I spent all the time writing my post out, mouse over the submit new thread button until I finally hesitantly decided to go with it.

This was the first reply to my thread.

Why? This post makes absolutely zero sense to me. When I first read it I honestly didn’t know how to react I couldn’t tell what the fuck he was talking about. First of all, he seems to quote a seemingly innocent part of my post and replies with

What the fuck does that even mean?? Seriously I may just be ignorant and this clever reply flew over my head but I seriously doubt that because his second part

made just as little sense and was filled with venom and hate that I have no idea why it was directed at me.

So Fuck you hawthorne you are a complete douchebag who is the exact reason why I contemplated ever posting on these boards because I let people like you scare me out of it and when I finally man up and let my voice be heard what had been a nightmare for me was realized in the FIRST FUCKING REPLY.

It seems clear that everyone (including I) are of one mind: “What the fuck Hawthorne?!”

The possibility of someone making a douchebag reply was a nightmare for you? Chill out dude it’s only the Internet. It was likely some dumb misunderstanding anyway, just because the vitriol was so out of nowhere.

I was a bit confused by it too, but I’m not sure it merits another entire Pit thread. You could have called him on it right there in the original thread.

IMHO, of course.

I have no idea why hawthorne thought that was an appropriate response, but perhaps the BBQ Pit was not the best place to put your first thread, especially if you were apprehensive about the response. For better or worse, personal insults and accusations of trolling are tolerated in this one, even baseless ones.

Welcome, new Doper! Please don’t let douchebags influence you away from participating. I like the fact that you’ve lurked for a while and somewhat learned your way around.

And I must applaud your stones in making your maiden OP a Pit thread. :smiley:

Personally I think “Fuck Off” deserves a Pit thread. Especially if there is no justification for it.

I know i’d pit someone who told me to fuck off completely out of the blue.

I came here to read what Nathaniel might have done to piss you off. :wink:

Welcome. Unless of course hawthorne has access to information the rest of us doesn’t, in which case, fuck off troll.:smiley:

Point taken, plus it avoids the other thread from getting hijacked.

It was hyperbole of course but the basic idea is there. I think there are a lot of people who have decent ideas and could add to discussions but decide not to for fear that their ideas would be ridiculed and belittled. I know it is a pretty irrational thing to believe and even if someone were to be a jackass in the end who gives a shit it’s the internet. this doesn’t negate that some people are very reluctant to do things like post in forums for this reason.

I knew I was playing with fire when I decided on this. :slight_smile:

Bubba_Clause, you aren’t the first guest poster to begin with a reference to that bullshit film, but you’d be the first that wasn’t trolling. I can understand why hawthorne would jump the gun even though you used your first post to denounce the movie. Crossfire and all that.

He thought your post was a sneaky way to promote the movie Zeitgeist, with your comments that your friends had irrefutable evidence against any objections you made to it, and that “more and more people seem to have seen this movie and have had their lives changed or minds blown”.

For what it’s worth, reading your thread, I thought it was a fake pitting intended to promote the movie too.

Playing with fire? Nah. It’s more like you started a nice, controlled campfire in a designated fire pit with all appropriate safety precautions in place, when suddenly a burning stick jumped out of the fire pit, ran over to where you were sitting, and attacked you for no apparent reason.

You ran a pretty high risk of having the first response to your second post be “troll off, spamming fuck,” or the like. Because that would have been funny.

Welcome to the boards.

You sure it wasn’t just a knot, or a sap pocket? :smiley:

I’ll take a little credit. I told Buddha_Clause he ought to Pit **hawthorne **for that extremely shitty reply.

Good on ya, I say. So what that it’s only a message board. I quote Billy Joel: “Don’t take any shit from no one.”

Also … I think Buddha_Clause is a great user name.

(I also reserve the right to call Buddha_Clause a dickhead at some point in the future … I like to keep my snark options open when I can :p)

Fuck off, Lobsang.

Right! That’s it!..

e: whoops, move along, mistake post, nothing to see here