I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this in. This movie was recently released on the internet only that I am aware of. It brings a one sided view of 3 controviersal topics. Religon, 911, and finally control of the masses through money. Each of these topics I am sure has been hashed and rehashed in this forum. Before I get ahead of my self the movie can be found here.


It is approximately two hours long and I stumbled across it on complete accident while traveling the series of tubes which is the internet. I wanted to see what other people with a good educational background have to say about the movies arguements. Links to previous threads which detail and either support or derail this movie’s claims are welcomed. I have two specific questions about the movie that jump out to me. How far fetched does a world goverment sound to the dopers? Is the stage already set? My next question is specifically about the rate at which the WTC buildings collapse. Is the “information” brought about in this movie completly false? Would a building of 40 stories or greater be designed if structurally comprised fall at the rate of “free fall speed” aka the force of gravity? Or would each floor need some time to buckle and collapse on it self thus increasing the time it takes for the building to collapse? The religion aspect of this movie was quite interesting. I would like someone with more knowledge of the information being presented to share their insight about what is being discussed in the movie. I believe this movie and its disscussion belong here where there are many great thinkers. I want facts, and intellectual disscussion not coffee sipping opinions that might be brought forward in other forums. I apologize for any grammaitcal errors and spelling mistakes in advance. I am far from an English major.

I lack the bandwidth and time to watch the movie right now, so I won’t claim to judge it. I did look at the notes and the list of sources; from that, it appears to contain three sections. Section one purports to prove that Jesus and his teachings were creations were not genuine, but rather creations of later people. Section two purports to prove that the United States government carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Section three has something to do with the Federal Reserve, the mass media, and the public schools.

I won’t try responding to any claims without seeing the movie. I will say this about the “Statement”. It opens with a standard-issue claim that the vast majority of people accept all authority at face value because they lack the mental strength to confront reality, and that the director of this movie is a lone crusader who aims to expose the truth behind the lies. Such statements are usually a good sign of a conspiracy nut.

911 isn’t a controversial topic, it’s a very serious emergency phone number. I know you conspiracy theorists like to think there are super genius retired space monkeys on the other end of the line, and for all I know you may be right, but that does not mean you can prank call it.

Awww cmon don’t derail my thread so early!!! I did laugh though :slight_smile: Also I would like to point out that I personally do not believe the 9/11 conspiracy theories and I make no claims that I am a super genius. I look forward to the first responder watching this film and seeing if he replies “Yup he’s a nut” or not :slight_smile:

As soon as one of these threads gets pushed off the front page, another question like this comes along.

We just did this. Please…no more.

So what’s the point in rehashing it again?

Regrettably I lack the search button feature. I was hoping someone could provide a reasonable answer to the two questions I proposed. Specifically the significance of the “free fall speed” or lack there of, and the proposed “world goverment” which is at the tail end of the movie. With the world goverment the video makes claims about the federal reserve and points out bill that was passed in 2005 that pushes this agenda. I was wondering what the dopers thoughts on this being possible and what they think the outcome of this would be benefical or harmful to our current society as a whole.

Look, if you want inforamtion about the 9/11 tower collapse, go talk to popular science. They’ve got somehing on their website.

If you want to talk about a proposed world governemnt, fine, but it’s not like it hasn’t been proposed by better men in the past and never happened because not many people actually want it and it’d be a huge disaster.

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