I just found out about sheet masks

Okay, so I don’t get out much. I had to look this up, but a sheet mask is a skin care thing:

Apparently they started in Korea, but now lots of companies sell them. You can subscribe to a sheet mask place and get them monthly. Who knew?

Anyone here use them, like them, have a brand they can recommend? Do you use for a specific skin problem or just general maintenance, anti-aging, exfoliation, etc.?

I love me some new products. As mentioned elsewhere, I have major FOMO.

I’ve seen Asian women use them on the airplane! (And they look incredibly stupid!)

And in SEAsia they are successfully marketing them to men!

My teenage daughter uses them a lot, she’s big time into skin care and facial masks. I’ve tried them, and my face feels great afterwards, but it feels good after any kind of mask. Honestly, I prefer the good “old fashioned” clay or spread on masks. The benefit, I guess, is that they are much easier to remove. And, Thelma Lou, I had never heard or seen such a thing until my 16 year old said, mom, you should try this. I don’t get out a lot either :blush:.

Me either. Lil’wrekker had one a couple of weeks ago, strange looking. She says they’re great. I get all anxious about skin things. I am very sensitive, it doesn’t take much to give me issues.

I don’t know any teenagers. Hell, I don’t know too many people under 50.

I also have very sensitive skin, plus rosacea, and it doesn’t take much to make my face red and itchy.

They’re fun and very convenient if you enjoy masks in general. I’ve only used a handful from different companies, so I can’t offer any recommendations. From my experience they’re more expensive than a traditional type of mask and aren’t really worth it.

If you shop at Ulta or Sephora I know you can occasionally pick some up as samples, or otherwise find variety packs or cheaper versions. I couldn’t tell you how different the actual end results are but man, there are a hell of a lot of different kinds that are supposed to have different effects.

Aha, so thats what they are. I have a FB friend in Indonesia whose cover photo is a montage of her wearing a bunch of them. She also wears a hijab, which make interesting co-accessories.

I just found out about sheet masks thanks to this thread :slight_smile:

My work here is done. :wink:

Well? Do they work? Cleanse? Brighten? Moisturize? Anything?

Yes, yes you done good!:grin:

Across the board they’re pretty great at moisturizing, but beyond that… hard to tell, especially if you already have some kind of skincare routine. For many skincare products it can be weeks before you really see a difference with regular use. Some higher end ones can be remarkably good at firming your skin for a few hours, maybe a day.

I’ve personally never used any mask that noticeably did anything but moisturize or, for the clay-type masks, also work as a cleanser due to the exfoliation.

I use one, not a sheet mask, that I think really makes a difference.


The nettle causes your face to flush, which leaves at least my skin looking better (once the flush leaves - which can be an hour or more).

I haven’t used a sheet mask (I did know about them). I have used the booties that cause your feet to peel. They are OK, but I think regular pedicures do a better job.

This just occurred to me to wonder: could you wear them under a full-face CPAP mask? I’ve been using a CPAP for maybe 19+ years, and it’s been hell on my face, no matter how much I moisturize the rest of the time. I don’t have much to be vain about, face-wise, but it would be nice not to look 10 years older than I actually am. I think I’m going to see if I can find some to give them a try.

And elbows, why not to men? Who wants to look older than they have to?

My daughter usually gets one every month in her Ipsy bag and loves them. I think they tone her red ruddy skin down, maybe brighten it up a bit after she uses one.

I’ve seen them as “mask sheets,” not “sheet masks.” Could be a translation nicety.

Nothings wrong with marketing them to men, I didn’t mean to imply there was.

It’s just surprising to see the billboards featuring young men worried about their exfoliating etc!

Also, in Asia, manny, many skin products are sold by making sly illusions to lightening/whitening/brightening your complexion. Yeah, I find that kinda creepy.

Start young, you get better results in later years.

Kind of like waxing a new car from the start rather than waiting until the finish starts to deteriorate.

I use the Benton Snail Bee High Content sheet masks, and the Tony Moly Shea Butter ones. Both are very moisturizing, decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and just generally plump my skin up. I use them three times per week as part of a mostly Asian skin care routine.

Now I can fight crime and moisturize at the same time.