I just found out Maya Rudolph's heritage...

Not that she’s mixed-race. Already knew that. (And she is SOOOO HOT!) But that she’s the daughter of the late Minnie Ripperton & is the “Maya, Maya, Maya” crooned in her hit song “Loving You”. Cool.

It’s nice to see another Maya Rudolph fan on the SDMB. (I’m sure there are lots of others).
By the way, Minnie Ripperton was originally a member of the soul/rock/psychedelic group called the “Rotary Connection”. Their renditions of “Soul Man” and “Ruby Tuesday” must be heard to be believed.

Make that three fans! I think she’s great. It’s too bad her mom didn’t live to see her now.

I like Maya too (and Tina and Amy, of course)! I believe Maya also played in the band The Rentals, with Matt Sharp, formerly of Weezer.

I read that in People a while back. She IS good.

They (SNL) did a Mother’s Day ep a few years back, and Maya showed some video of Minnie singing. I thought it was incredibly sweet the way that she played it, moreso because she was the only cast member (I think) who didn’t have her mother there in the studio.


I saw Rotary Connection in concert. As much as I lust after Maya Rudolph, I can’t accept that you meant “must be heard to be believed” in a good way.

You were lucky enough to see the Rotary Connection? (Were you familiar with them before you went to see them?)

You want to know what I meant by my comment about “must be heard to be believed” ? Well, they were certainly different. They’d always take advantage of Minnie Ripperton’s stratospheric soprano voice.

Yeah, she’s hot. I would have guessed she was a classically trained dancer she’s so good at it. I guess she’s just a natural. What is her ethnicity?

Ahh, another trip down old memory lane.

I had heard their version of Ruby Tuesday on the radio, but nothing else.

The concert was at an old college fieldhouse – i.e., the acoustical quality of a large high school gym. The crowd was noisy. As for Minnie’s vocals, let’s put it this way: the crowd was noisy, the band was loud and she was trying to sing over everything. What you describe as a “stratospheric soprano voice” sounded more like a fire engine siren.

I don’t dislike Minnie’s singing style. But let’s say I always enjoyed her better on vinyl.