I just found something interesting on my back! [gross]

I just feel like sharing that. In the shower in the gym this afternoon. I notice a sharp pain under my left shoulder, feels like a zit or a wild hair, so I feel around and it pops like a balloon. OK. Not too bad, but then I realize that in my hand is a blackhead approximately the size of a grain of pepper. We’re talkin’ huge. No telling how long that thing’s been there.

So anyway, I’ve never seen one that big before and I thought I would share… Return to your normal un-gross lives now.

I was gonna fix muself some dinner, but I think I’ll start my religious fast nine months early.
Never click on anymore "I found something interesting" threads.

You mean like a peppercorn? Wow! That’s huge! I’m so freakin jealous! Popped like a ballon?! Did everyone in the gym shower jump when it popped?! Have you called Guiness?! Or maybe Ripley?! Did it have legs?! Sounds like you gotta Fox special there dude!

And it DOES remind me about this ad-exec who has this boil on his shoulder and it talks to him and leads him to success. True story, I saw it on CNN, or maybe it was HBO.

Thankyoueversomuch for sharing that today ignatiusjreilly.

I made a really nice pot of chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight, with lots of black pepper, just the way I like it.

::sigh:: Oh well it’s always better the second day anyway.

You’re lucky that it was just a zit. It could have been something worse, like a bot fly.

Small bot fly tale: http://www.cetfoundation.org/endorsements/teds_maggot.html

Picture of a removed bot fly larva: http://netwellness.org/mhc/img/img2044.htm

Excuse me, I must go regurgitate now . . .

Seriously gross, everybody.

Why Oh Why am I compelled to look at a pic of a botfly maggot???

I had decided not to post anymore, but i must now that i see this, i must. Very cool story!! Blackheads are usually more difficult to pop!.
The coolest zit i popped was on hubby. He had one on his inner thigh and when i squeezed a zit underneath it, as in deeper into him, started oozing thick pus. I squeezed the whole thing and it shot onto my glasses. I have never been gladder that I don’t wear contacts.

The runner up was one that was hidden under a big mole. It was bigger than a quarter across and split the mole in half when it popped!

I don’t know what’s wrong with you people . . . I’m not finding any of this disgusting and I’m eating spaghetti with red sauce.

Anyway, if you think that’s gross imagine making blisters on the warts on the heel of someone’s foot so they can pop and heal painfully and slowly. Got that done to me back in 6th grade.

You’re all very welcome for that mental image of festering blisters being popped.

Back when I was in basic training(Army) we got a bunch of shots with those air pressure guns. One of mine got infected and started to get red, then it swelled up and it became painful to raise my arm. I concealed this from my drill sergeant and did not ask to go on sick call for two reasons. First, I was an idiot and second, I was not the sharpest trainee and did not want to be singled out as a slacker. So I get soap and towels, a sharp needle, band-aids, and a lighter to “sterilize” the needle with. I went into the bathroom, got set up, and pricked the center of the swelling with the heated needle. This GROSS black and green stuff starts trickling down my arm. As I stare in mild fascination the gal at the next sink takes a look and starts to shriek her head off. I just squeeze it until red blood comes out, then wash and bandage it up. She must have ratted on me because the next morning the sergeant wants a look at my arm. By then it’s just a flat red patch, so she gives me some Phisohex and sends me on my merry way. Since we were on the subject of gross things on the body I thought I’d share!

Baker, reads like a boil. You’re lucky you didn’t get another one.

ign, better check to see if there are any more. No, don’t report on them, thanks.