I just gave AT&T the boot...

While looking over my voluminous phone bill the other day, I realized something - I was paying AT&T about $20-25 a month (I have two lines) for NOTHING! I make, maybe 2 long-distance calls every, oh, I don’t know, FIVE YEARS!! There’s a minumum charge charge (if you make calls totalling over that amount, they charge you the actual amount), a charge you MUST pay that helps non-profit orgs pay their bill (ahhh, nothing makes me feel better than forced charity), and a fee that AT&T has to pay your local phone co. to use its lines. So, I called the local company and was told that I didn’t have to have a designated long distance company. I told them and later AT&T to get the heel out of my phone bill.

So, what if I want to make a long distance call? Easy - phone cards.

I know, I’ll end up paying 15-30 cents per minute, BUT if it takes me 1 year (the usual time limit on cards) to use the minutes then it will only have cost me the amount of the card ($10-30).

OTOH, I will have paid AT&T over $120 for the same priviledge.

This (and the favorite comics thread) remind me of a Bloom County strip that came out right after AT&T was broken up - Milo (I think)refers to the AT&T logo as the Death Star. How right he was.

Give them a kick for me too. BTW you still should be able to dial 1010 Numbers to access LD

We dropped AT&T when they dropped planned parenthood. We’re about to drop MCI for being pests.

Yeah, I’m pretty pissed off at them too.

My company paid me too much last month. Rather than maybe bounce the house note, I decided to hold off on paying bills until the error had been corrected. This tuesday at 3:00AM, I called to tell them that the check had just been mailed. 38 hours later, guess who calls to dun me?

What do they want, Fed-Ex???

You can contest AT&T rates. Give them a call eventually if you whine enough, they return your money. But only for three months as thats as far as their records are, they said. sigh…liars but, hey, better to get some money back.