I just got a fax from Nigeria!

Unhappy with my lack of response through e-mail, Dr. Aliu Bako has now begun faxing me, looking for someone with ability and reliability to help him prosecute his transaction of great magnitude.

Dr. Bako has also, shall we say, upped the ante. Where his e-mail entreaties have formerly offered me a 10% fee for my assistance, he’s now offering 25% PLUS 500,000 gallons of automotive gasoline.

My Discover card can not beat this offer.

How can you turn down such generous offer? I to will help you with contact my brother in Elbolia. Such a nice person he feeds wife and children occasionaly. Mail money to SDMB Chicago, Indiana.

Just talkin’ shit. :smiley:

Was there a previous thread with more of this story? If so, link it please…i’d like to read it. I always find these stories amusing. :slight_smile:

Last week sometime, someone tried to fax me three times in a row – after midnight. A couple of days later, I returned from town to find four attempted faxes in a row. I returned from a gruelling video gig today, and someone tried to fax me twice.

Only I don’t have a fax machine.

I’m tempted to get one, just so that I can get come black paper that I can form it into an endless loop and fax it back.

I told my Nigerian scammer that I needed the business proposition in Welsh, on the advice of my astrologer. I think he took me seriously, but after thrashing out exactly what Welsh was, he gave up and went to scam someone else. Guess I shouldn’t have set the bar so high :smiley:

Man, with that kind of money and gasoline, you could get a Hummer and actually drive it down the street before you completely ran out of the half-million gallons of gas.

The last one I got was an email from Sierra Leone.

Here’s a great thread about Nigerian scammers:

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What grade? 'Cuz I like to use 93 octane minimum. Any less than that and it’s a deal breaker!