I just got a raise!

Wow! Yay me!

For those who don’t know, I work in a call center. I have been here just over a year, and back in January when we got our annual review, I got a pretty decent raise (around 4.5%). We have a website and do a lot of business via the web, and have recently (just before xmas) started offering live chat on the website. Not many operators do the chat, and in sales, there are only 3 of us.

A few minutes ago, I got an IM from our operations manager saying that because of my “excellent work” in chat, I am getting a raise that will be reflected on my next check – a whole $1/hour! Hey, might not be much to you guys, but it is HUGE to me, and I am thrilled.

Today is a good day and I just wanted to share – what great things have happened to you guys today?

One of the higher-ups in my company stopped by yesterday and told me that the contractor position I’ve been in for a little over a year will probably turn into a real full-time position in the next month or two, fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

Congrats! Does this mean you can afford to buy that C now?

Well assuming you work 40 hours a week, that comes out to an additional $2,080 a year. Not too shabby. :cool:

I had a great day, too. My workplace friends threw me a surprise birthday party, complete with cake and presents. No one’s ever done that for me before. It’s nice to feel loved. :slight_smile:

Have you seen the prices of "C"s lately?!?!?

ladybug, happy birthday!! That was very sweet of them! How wonderful for you. I actually only work 30 hours/week, but $1560/year raise is not too bad :slight_smile:

I saw one offered on Craig’s List the other day. The ad said it was used but still serviceable.

Oh, and ongratulations to you.

Yes, yay you! Raises are good, especially when your employer procrastinates on your review and it’s several months late and then they cut you a check for the raise going back to your hire date. Cha-ching!
Hmmm… what good happened to me today… well they did come fix my AC while I was at work, which is a very good thing, as it’s going to be 102. :eek:

You make $25 an hour to work in a call center?

I wish, but huh???

Congrats, Litoris. What do you hafta do to get more money around there? Yeesh!

$1 was 4% of $25. Although I took it to mean you were talking about two different raises.

I got a bonus. :slight_smile:

I’ve only been with my non-profit employer since the first day of its new fiscal year. Tuesday we had Staff Appreciation Day, with a meeting of the Board of Directors. Last year people who had been with the company for ten years or more got $800. This year they got $1,200. People with the company five to nine years got… I don’t know. No one has been with the company five to nine years. People with one to three years’ employment got $600. People with less than a year got ‘an amount determined by [the President’s] secret calculations’. Since I did not contribute to the company’s performance last year, I expected nothing. But the ‘secret calculations’ yielded me (pre-tax) a hundred simoleons.


Good on you! Raises are good.

We typically get ours about this time of year (school district administrator), and there is very little to discuss. The superintendent puts numbers in front of the board, the board says okey-dokey, and we get contracts to sign with the new numbers.

Mr Bus Guy – awesome!! Doesn’t that make things so much easier? We got our raises back in January, so this was a total surprise. What makes it even weirder is that in January, I was told I would be getting a 2% raise, but the amount actually came to 4% of my pay – honest moron that I am, I clarified and was told the monetary amount was correct, the percentage I was told wasn’t. YAY me!

Johnny L.A. – isn’t it so wonderful to get unexpected money? I worked for a guy once who did something similar. I had only worked for him like 3 months when the bonuses were handed out and I got a huge one…totally cool!

Pygmy Rugger – the 4% raise was back in January. It was $ .53, this raise ($1.00) equals roughly a 9% (well, like 8.6%) raise, do the math if ya like :slight_smile: always fun to see other math geeks out there. But, truthfully, I do make way above average for call centers in this area – starting out here is about $1 more on the hour than Dell’s call center.

Least Original User Name Ever – Thanks! I donno, but I’ma keep doing what I’m doing…apparently, I do it well!