I just got back from China

Well, I got back on September 19th, anyway. I was there for two weeks and loved every minute of it. I was in Beijing, Yuhan, and Shishou City, and was working most of the time. I did get taken to some touristy things, notably a portion of the Great Wall, and I saw some things that I certainly have never seen in the USA. With a little luck, I will get to return as a consultant on a fairly long-term basis. I desparately want that to come to pass.

Sounds wonderful! Good luck with this becoming a long term thing for you.

Sounds like both a great trip and a fabulous opportunity for you – I hope it works out!

Welcome back. What’d you bring me?

I brought back presents for all, but Marcie confiscated them. I don’t know why, but she assumed they were all for her.

Hi Louis, what kind of consulting do you do? Are you going to post any cool pictures? What’s the strangest thing that you ate?

So, Louis, did you try any snake or duck bills? I haven’t yet, but want to visit the local Hunan restaurant to try them.

what province was yuhan and shishou city in?

ShibbOleth, I would consult for a company that manufactures quartz crystals and crystal controlled oscillators----clears that right up, doesn’t it?
I hadn’t thought about posting pictures, but I could look into it–I’ve never done it, so it might take a while. I may be the only guy in America without a personal webpage. The strangest thing I ate was in a specialty resturaunt—every item on their menu was made from tofu but prepared in such a way as to taste like chicken, pork, beef, pumpkin, etc., etc. I didn’t know that about the place until the conclusion of the meal. I had previously expressed a dislike of tofu, so my hosts sandbagged me with that one. I had to eat my words, in addtion to the tofu. So far as I know, I didn’t eat anything truly exotic, with the possible exception of a fish that exists only in the Yangtse and Missouri Rivers.

Mahaloth, If I ate snake or duck bills, I didn’t know it. I did eat roasted duck and thought the way it was prepared and served was delightful. I could have cheerfully eaten duck prepared that way several times a week. Incidentally, the place where I had the duck is the largest roast duck restaraunt in Asia, or so the sign says.

China Guy, Shishou City is in Hubei province, smack on the banks of the Yangtse River. Yuhan should be WuHan, my mistake. I can’t find the province name, but could it also be WuHan? The city of WuHan is about one hour by air south of Beijing. Shishou is about five hours by car south of WuHan. On our return to the states, we landed in Shanghai, but I didn’t leave the airport. We were only there long enough to have the airplane serviced. Maybe we could meet if I do get to come back----I could use some hints from an experienced China hand.

LouisB, if you want an easy way to put up a webpage, I suggest going the web-log route. Blogger.com makes it easy for you to write text and put up photos for all to see, without having to learn how to code or do anything else of that sort.

Ohhhh, Wuhan, which is the capital of Hubei province. If you were in Shishou, that’s probably near to “huangshi” or “yellowstone”, which is where my father-in-law is from. I’ve never been to either, but will probably have to go to Wuhan, and then another 5 hours north to visit the Nissan factory one of these days. woohoo.

You can let me know next time you visit. I travel an awful lot these days, but Shanghai would certainly give you a different perspective.