I just got my Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon DVD.

Whoa baby. It’s gorgeous. As much as I might rattle on about this being a very good movie but not the best of its kind, it is by far the best DVD treatment such a film has ever received. Anyway, I just wanted to brag. Excuse me now, I have to go look at the pretty colors.

Lucky bastid. :wink:

Where did you get it and how much?

It’s already on DVD? I just saw it in theaters. It does have some gorgeous imagery in it.

It is only available on Region 3 DVD. Usually that would mean the version wouldn’t be as good as the Region 1 release that is supposedly to be released maybe in early summer, but supposedly they are identical feature-wise, with the exception that this version has Thai, Korean and Chinese subs, and a Thai language track. You also would have to buy it in a Chinatown or order it from overseas. If you have a region-free player, though, (search the web to see if you’ve gotten lucky; players are rarely touted as “region-free” in the US because nobody cares about foreign films here,but certain players, like mine, the Aiwa 370, can be easily hacked via a code punched in on the remote.) I got mine from dddhouse.com. The price is a little steep; I hear it’s typically going for about $40 in stores. This site sells it for about US $23.22, but of course you have to wait and pay for for shipping from Hong Kong.

Wooooooo, I wanna copy. Then again, I’d have to get a dvd player…

Criminey, it’s opening in theatres in Orlando TODAY!
(Jay Boyar [local theatre critic] gave it 5 stars. “It’s certainly the only martial-arts film I have ever seen that I could watch without feeling as if I were slumming.”)

Jan Boyer, then, can go to hell. Ethnocentric prick. Frankly, as good as it is, I almost don’t think this movie’s existence is worth the constant irritating comments like this I keep hearing.

I’ve seen the movie and I loved it. Even my wife strongly liked the film.

Who are the title characters?

Where is it playing in Orlando? I am coming down this weekend for my b-day & to see that movie, if I can! It is not playing in Gainesville. :frowning: Please help me with some info - Thanks!

Aw, I don’t have e-mail on the weekend (only at work). Be great to meet up with someone finally! E-mail me your phone number.

Enzian Theatre (Maitland, north of Orlando - great intimate arthouse cinema - shows lots of foreign film and has a kitchen so you can order snacks before/during the flick)
Pleasure Island 24 (Downtown Disney - free parking, but gets really busy on Fri & Sat nights - theatre 1 & 2 are huge)
West Oaks 14 (Ocoee Mall- never been there)
Universal Cineplex (Universal Studios CityWalk - free parking after 6 pm!)
Cinemark at Festival Bay (International Drive at Oak Ridge Road - near Belz Factory Outlet Mall)

as well as several other smaller theatres

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“Tiger” (Fu) is part of Lo’s name. “Dragon” (Long) is part of Jen/ Yu Jialong’s name. The full phrase is an idiom that has to do with hiding one’s strength, which is what Jialong is doing for much of the movie.

Oops… Not like anyone will care, but “Fu” is Cantonese. “Hu” is the correct Mandarin.

I’m terrible with names and I saw the film over 6 weeks ago.

I remember the Jade Fox.

Is Jen the person whom the JF worked for? (That’s who I thought the HD was.)

Which one is Lo?

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