I just got my mock A - level results!

This definitely comes under MPS and YES, I must share!
General studies, maths, further maths, physics.
A’s for the whole lot.

::beams with pride::

I thank you for your time.

FTR: A(dvanced)-Levels are exams taken in England and Wales after two years of study at (roughly) 16-18. They form the basis of most people’s university entrance exams. Mock A-levels are taken a few months before the real thing to allow universities to hazard a guess at whether you’re likely to make the grade for their course (and hence whether they will make you an offer) and of course for a bit of practice too.

Well done Sparky!!

Do the same on your real exams and you’ll be on your way to University (providing you can afford the fees!! ;))

Well done.


On the one hand, General Studies isn’t a real subject. :wink:
On the other hand, Further Maths is damn hard. Respect to you.

Where have you applied to university, Sparky?

Congratulations! Sparky_xi

So basically, like our SAT’s…scores are used for University applications/admissions.

Sounds more like the French Baccalaureate to me. Then again, I don’t know much about that one either. :slight_smile: