I just got the most beautiful new hamster.

His name is Fuzz, and he’s a siberian dwarf hamster.

He is very small, and fuzzy. He is brown and white, and has black stripe going down his back.

When I got him, they instructed me not to play with him too much tonight (so he wouldn’t freak out), and it’s driving me batty!

Gah. He’s SOOOO CUTE!!!

I mean, I really can’t get over his cuteness. :slight_smile:

I always wanted a hamster as a kid but my dad wouldn’t let us have a rodent for a pet, not even when I could have got one for free. Give Fuzz a treat from me!


Is a hamster the same thing as a guinea pig?

Give Fuzz a little scratch between the ears from me. He sounds adorable!!

Max :slight_smile:

I had 2 hamsters when i was 15. Ollif and Sven. It was a 2 for the $$ of one. figures…they both died within a month.

Good luck with yours.

I’m thinking of getting meself a giant guinea pig. Unlike hamsters, they aren’t nocturnal.

You got it.

Currently, he’s munching a pumpkin seed. Is is approximately the same size as he is.

The interesting thing is that despite the fact that he is a “dwarf” hamster, his ears appear to be “normal” hamster size, giving him the appearance of a very small chinchilla.

Did I mention how cute he is? Hes REEEEEEALLY cute.



guinea pig

Awh. Good luck with your new pal, remember to handle it every day for the first few weeks so s/he can get used to you.
I have a female albino Dwarf Hamster named Hannibal, she’s sitting in a big box right near me since she keeps escaping her cage (a wire rat cage that is much too big for her, so tomorrow I’m going out to get one of those fancy coloured plastic hamster homes with the tubes that looks like a space station control centre… who knows, maybe I’ll pick up a rat for the cage as well :D)

Word of advice, though… don’t put two female dwarf hamsters in the same cage, else you might end up rechristening one ‘Hannibal.’ :frowning:

I think that Fuzz is going to be a confirmed bachelor, as the saying goes. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice though.

Currently, I have him in an aquarium. The drafts should be less. I got him a nifty green hamster wheel, a fabo orange hamster house. A spiffy new hamster bowl, with a picture of a hamster on the bottom.

He’s currently ignoring all of it, and sleeping under a pile of shavings.


Perhaps having the lifeless face of one of his brethren staring up at him from the bottom of the bowl while he eats just freaks him the hell out.

I mean, that sounds cute! Seriously though, he will be up and about by tomorrow night, making a racket on that hamster wheel and supplying electricity to cities unkown.

He’s actually been shmooing around quite a bit this evening.

He sat on his hamster wheel, but I’m not sure he knows how to use it. In fact, despite the fact that it was the smallest wheel in the store, I’m worried that it might be too big for him for another month or so.

He’s really teeny. And cute. Did I mention that he was cute? **REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY, REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY[B/] cute?

Awww I miss my hamster (Brownie)… she died a long time ago. I did get another one after that but my brother stuck his in the same cage and one killed the other. :frowning: Mom was really grossed out so the living one was tossed with the whole cage along with the body of the dead one. Understandable… I’d be grossed out too. (Hello there little hamsters… how are you to… Oh my GOD one of them cannibalized the other! Ew ew ew picks up cage… carries it as far as the big bin outside and tosses it)

Well crud.

Pardon that ugly coding, would ya? :smiley:

Well, this is eerie timing.

We had a lovely hamster named Golden for the past 2 years and 4 months. Tonight, I noticed my daughter’s door was open and went in to make sure there were no cats in there with him (he was officially her hamster). I checked on him, as is my habit, and didn’t see him breathing. I opened his cage and touched him (he’ll usually wake with a start and then ask me sleepily for food) and he was cold.

My younger daughter begged for a hamster two years ago, and I did my best to talk her out of it. I really didn’t like the idea of having a rodent as a pet; I even offered to get a kitten instead, but she stood fast. She knew that a kitten would be a family pet, but a cage animal could be hers alone. So we got Golden, a long-haired golden (duh) hamster. He was a little skittish at first, and he bit me both of the first two times I handled him, but he got used to people pretty quickly. He escaped from his cage a total of seven times over that first year, until we figured out a pretty fool-proof system of keeping him in. He got to the point that he would actually come to you when you called him. I became very, very fond of the little guy. He seemed like he might be getting sick once, and I found a vet who specialized in “exotics” and had him checked, at a cost of $58.00, to find that he was perfectly fine. A few nights ago, the last time my daughter brought him into the living room to play (he’d been pretty lethargic and had been sleeping a lot since it got cold), we noticed that his eyes looked milky, like he had cataracts. I understand that hamsters can be expected to live only two to three years, but ever since he turned two, we’d been focusing on the “to three” part. When I found him, he was all curled up in his nest, looking almost normal, so I suspect he just drifted off in his sleep, as the very old sometimes will.

So now I’m sitting here, teary-eyed, over the death of a nocturnal rodent who cost $7.99 at the Petsmart. I may be more upset over this than my daughter. We’re having the funeral tomorrow, and I think we’ll bury him deep in the front garden, where the dog can’t dig him up.

It sounds like you’re all set up. Golden was happier once we moved him into an aquarium, too, and you can get a top with tubes that fits over the top and provides a play space. At the end, we had the aquarium with the special top, two “lookout tower” dens, tubes going every which way, and the original small plastic cage with the wheel attached. I found that a nifty water bottle with hanger that you can put inside an aquarium cage, and it’s much less likely to spill than the other kinds. I hope you have a wonderful time with Fuzz.


When he grows up maybe you can get him a job at the SDMB. You better start that exercise program right away. He’s gonna have to be in good shape to keep this place going.


fuzz sounds wonderful. did you get one of those cool hampster balls? i loved watching my hampster roll around the living room. with hard wood floors it would sound like a bowling alley. when they want to go back into their house they would roll up to my feet.

i miss the hampster years… although the kittie cats are cool…