I just had my first gig and my best day ever.

It started very simple, I got outta bed, took a shower, and then put on my… cowboy suit?

I did this because that night was to be my first gig with my band, Squid And The Happy Fun Bunch. It was to be at my schools variety show, but I needed to promote it, so I put on my hat and my chaps, and I went to school.

School was… well, it was school. After school was a whole new story though. I like to battle, rave, and breakdance (though I’m not as good at the latter), and today, I did all of these better then I ever have. It was great, and though it may not seem like much, it meant a lot to me.

After that, we had to start prepping for the show, and all of that went fine. My whole band hung out in the performers room, we beatboxed with some of the other bands, it was just so much fun. And then, it was our turn to play…

We’re rushing around backstage, and finally, we think everythings set up, and the curtain parts. Our band leader, Squid, starts to introduce us, another band member comes rolling down through the audience on a tricycle, and we almost start to play… but the guitar has no sound.
No problem though! As the tech guys fool around with the amps and such, Squid pulls a childrens book named Cuddles Mealtime from behind him. He reads it to the crowd, who enjoys it immensely, while Mark does the same thing that David Bowie does with the glass ball in Labyrinth (sliding it from hand to hand in that really cool way). We finally get set up, and we started playing our song “Disco Fever.” I was looking down at the bass I was playing, and realized that there was a crowd in front of me, and looked up… All of the people were screaming and yelling, they LOVED US! That was the greatest feeling of my entire life. Finally, during our last song (A cover of Destinys Child’s “Bootylicious”) I handed the bass to mark, and pulled everyone up on stage. We had a great time. Anyways, I just wanted to share that with you. Thanks a lot, good night!

Glad it rocked, digga! Woo!

Wow, that’s SO COOL!! :slight_smile: That children’s book thing is awesome.

Glad you enjoyed it. Nothing like hearing a crowd scream for YOU, is there?