I just HAD to post this

I’m getting a major kick out of this website. I don’t know if it has ever been posted before, but here it is:

It took about 2 seconds to notice the BK copyright at the bottom of the page. Which ever-so-slightly spoils the fun.

It’s defecating on the couch!

But seriously…what can this thing do? With a mind like mine, this thing isn’t doing anything. I’m just trying to do this guy some favors, but no dice. Other then jumping, dancing, and hiding, what can the chicken do?

I told him to turn off the lamp in the background and he just stood there. He did attempt to stand on his head, which was amusing in a sad sort of way.

I’ve found him to do lots of things. Instead of asking him to turn off the lamp, you have to ask him to turn off the light. He bounces on furniture, kisses the screen, kciks, goes to the bathroom (leaves the room) sits on the furniture. Of course he won’t do certain things like take off mask, or anything “dirty” heh. I still find it amusing.

Well, I thought it was cool!

About a month after EVERYONE else did. :smack: :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely don’t come to the boards enough. I missed it as well. Twice. heh.

Ahhhh well. I still think it’s funny.

This site is a rip-off. I asked him to fuck the couch and he just looked under the cushions. It doesn’t have a vagina!

Stupid chicken, I told it to pee on the carpet, and what did it do?

Pee on the couch.

On the other hand, it did build a nice fort with the cushions.