I just love this to pieces - Fred Astaire "Putting on the Ritz" YouTube clip

Fred Astaire “Putting on the Ritz”

What are some of your favorite song and/or dance clips?

No doubt about it, the man could move. And he always made his partner look good, too.

I love this version of “Putting On The Ritz”

Oh, and to actually answer your question, it’s this clip. According to the note on the YouTube page, Fred Astaire called it “the greatest dance number ever filmed.”

Taking A Chance on Love, from “Cabin in the Sky” is great musically, cinematically, and everything else. Not too much dancing in it, but well worth it anyways.

ETA: I said there wasn’t much dancing in it based on memory, but on actually viewing it, there’s some very great dancing! And what a voice Ethel Waters had…

Another good one is Make Way For Tomorrow from “Cover Girl,” with Gene Kelly and Rita Hayworth and some other guy I don’t know(?). It feels kind of like a more boisterous companion piece to Singin’ in the Rain, what with Kelly, the city street at night, the policeman, and the various passers-by. Heck, it might have been filmed on the same studio lot.

Last one before I have to drag myself of to bed: the Lindy Hop scene from Hellzapoppin’

The Pick Yourself Up number from Swing Time is one of the most thrilling things ever captured on film IMO. This is Fred and Ginger at their absolute peak.

Fred Astaire brings sexy back

And what a *smile *Ethel Waters had.

And yes, *Pick Yourself Up *is my favorite Fred and Ginger dance.

I submit Shanghai Lil from Footlight Parade, with Jimmy Cagney and Ruby Keeler. Complete with opium den!

(Don’t know why I can’t insert links from home.)

Here’s one of my favourites:


I just love YouTube.!

That’s Phil Silvers!

That was fabulous! Those splits! Frickin’ OW (and I’m a girl).

Weren’t all these old dance routines shot in one take, as well? That makes it all the more amazing.

These clips made me remember this one. Dancing on ice.

I’m working from home today, but spent most of the day grinning like a fool because I’ve been watching celebrity contestants on the old What’s My Line. Sophie Tucker! Joe E. Brown! Sally Rand! Ethel Merman!

I was just about to mention that. Instead, I’ll mention this.

I do love Busby Berkeley, so there’s also Lullabye of Broadway. It a long piece and it’s broken into two pieces on Youtube. Be sure to watch the second half, especially the truly astounding event that happens at about 5:22 of the second clip.

Since you beat me to this one, I’ll just have to point out that Gene wern’t no slouch on the skates, either.

I can’t watch my favorite routine from last season’s So You Think You Can Dance* enough times. Too bad the original Five Guys Named Moe isn’t on YouTube (although you can watch fan-shot clips from the tour).

*: They should show the above Nicholas Brothers routine to all future finalists on that show and remind them that no, you can’t dance.

Well, if he did say that, he was being excessively modest.

This is why Astaire is the greatest dancer in history. Yes, Ginger was good. But Fred made all of his partners look as great as he was. As in the linked video.

Or watch this, and see what the rhythm of dance is supposed to achieve. To play, and to be great at the same instant - that is art.


I always liked Bob Fosse’s Take Off With Us routine from All That Jazz. Easily the sexiest dance number in the history of film.

Ah, I should have known. The voice and face were sort of familiar, but I couldn’t place him somehow.

What a great show. I don’t know why it’s so entertaining, but it is – just the perfect mix of panelists, hosts, and guests. I only wish YouTube had more of the non-celebrity guests on there!