I just made the NYT No Knead bread

More of a pain than regular bread, but the loaf is gorgeous. It probably because I tried to double the batch, had both of them rising on the same cloth (and that’s another thing - it stuck to the dish towel, even though I used a lot of flour on it) and when it came time to put them in pans I couldn’t figure out how to put one in at a time.

I’m interested to see how it tastes, but it looks like a picture.


This is a main staple in the D18 household. I make it one or twice a week!

A favorite recipe of mine - it really reminds me of the crusty bread you get in some restaurants, along with olive oil for dipping. But excellent with butter too!

I asked for a cast iron dutch oven for Christmas just so I could make this bread. I like it a lot!

It’s pretty tasty - I had a turkey and swiss sandwich with it for lunch. The bottom crust is quite tough and cracked a bit about an hour or so out of the oven, after it was cool. I’d make it again - it’s a beautiful loaf.


Here’s an illustrated guide. Not a New York Times link (but it is that recipe).

Being a lazy cook, and rubbish at baking, I’ve made it by omitting the messy middle steps - straight from the bowl to the preheated pot. It turned out fine, not much different from my clumsy attempts at following the instructions properly.