I just noticed something about google: Regions do matter.

I always heard that search results on google aren’t influenced by which portal you use. A quick verification at www.google.ca and www.google.de for instance shows this to be true… Most of the time! However, I just googled for “ebay” and the german google listed ebay.de as the first hit, followed by the austrian ebay, whereas the canadian google lists ebay.com, ebay.co.uk and then ebay.de as the third option.

Interesting stuff :slight_smile:

I noticed a couple of days ago that if you Google a number (such as 88 or 127) or a number + a letter (e.g., 88a), Google will often show sponsored links that really don’t make sense. Usually there’s one from EBay: “Buy 88 on EBay now.” Or you might get “Download 99 now” with a link to Real.com.
Those suckers don’t miss a chance.

Where was ebay.ca?