I just pre-ordered my XBOX 360

Yep. Just about had a stroke when I saw the price (close to $800 with shipping and tax), but there you go. For the first time in my life I’m getting a system when it is first released.

I subscribed to an EBGames newsletter for just this reason and they came through for me. The email said “As an EBgames.com Newsletter subscriber, you’ve got a few hours head start to pre-order your Xbox 360 bundle before we plaster this great news all over the home page.” So I feel like I’m extra special.

So I did. Of course, EB had the system bundled with 4 games, an extra wireless controller and some more time with X-box live than comes with the bundle announced by Microsoft here.

I bought the “Ultimate Bundle.” Here’s the specs:
Xbox 360 Premium System
Xbox 360 Game Console
Wireless Controller
Combination High-Definition Component and Standard A/V Cable
20GB Hard Drive
Ethernet Cable
Universal Media Remote
Xbox Live Silver
Xbox Live Gold 30-Day Trial
Perfect Dark Zero Limited Edition
Dead or Alive 4
Kameo: Elements of Power
Project Gotham Racing 3
Extra Wireless Controller
Play & Charge Kit (for extra controller)
Rechargeable Battery Pack (for included controller)
Out of all that, only the pieces related to XBOX live might go unused.

Forgot to add, since I don’t know what the retail on the 4 games included in the bundle will be, I can’t tell how badly I’m getting ripped off when this bundle is compared to the price given in the article I linked to above. I’m sure it is significant.

Why not just buy the system and wait until games are actually out to see if they’re any good?

There is no assurance the games will ship with the X-Box, by the way.

Hope you have a nice TV with it! :slight_smile: You didn’t pay them already, did ya? I really doubt the Xbox 360 will be close to even $400. Needless to say, paying another $400 dollars for the extra controller, games, and extras is kinda… lame :frowning:

But you don’t care!!! :smiley:

(perhaps because you’re not paying for it?.. just a thought)

I’m just glad my birthday is in late October. Because that means I don’t have to pay for my pre-order myself. :smiley:

…there’s gonna be a sequal to Perfect Dark?

:: rushes to google ::



The XBox 360 has two prices. One is $399 and that comes with the 20 GB hard drive, some other fancy things, and is basically THE ONE to get if you really want the new XBox. The other is $299 and doesn’t have the fancy stuff. Personally, I’m waiting on the PS3. It’ll be hella expensive, unless that Amazon page was right ($299? I’m guessing no), but it’ll kick some serious ass. Actually, scratch that. I’m too broke to buy either. But I can dream.

It really doesn’t seem worth an extra $300 ($399+$300 == $699.92) for four games, a wireless controller, battery accessories, and DVD Remote. $200 maybe, but they’d have to be kick games.

But… you don’t care!!! :slight_smile:

I am envious, although I think you overpayed.
I am going to buy one the day they are released, so I can finally give my HD-TV a good testing. (No HD content available in the Netherlands).
I am however bummed that the Xbox 360 will just have a dual-layer DVD player, and no Blue-Ray or HD-DVD.
Will have to wait for the PS3 for that.
And yes, the PS3 will be hella expensive.

To answer a few of the questions:

iamthewalrus(:3= I can’t buy just the system. I’d like to do that, but that’s how EBGames rips you (me) off. You have to buy the bundle if you want to be first in line.

souroranges I have the TV for it. 65" Sony HD, surround speakers, etc. The article I linked to in one of my posts says that the 360 will be bundled, by Microsoft, at either $300 or $400. Also, don’t forget the shipping and tax. Tax was around $50 and shipping was about $20; $20 I’ll gladly pay to avoid the malls that time of year. And yes, I am paying for it.

squeegee When you say $200 would be a reasonable price, one way to look at that would be to say that each game is around $50 and they are throwing the rest in for free. That doesn’t sound realistic to me. You can see on the EB web site that most of the games will be closer to $60. Then add on the rest of the stuff, and $300 sounds more reasonable.

Hey, I never said I got a great deal. I’m overpaying to be the first guy on the block with the new system. For the first time I’m not going to be the guy who waits 'till the price drop next Christmas to get the system.

Piker. 102" here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard conflicting information on backward compatibility for the new machine. Will current XBox games work on it or not?

Grats to you dude, like christmas in August;) I’m always excited when the next generation of consoles comes out. I’ll probably buy one as well, but I plan to just wait and buy it peice meal with a game or 2 that I really want. I plan to get a PS3 as well, and so I doubt I’ll be springing for the delux package of either console. Rumor has it that the game will probably go up for this generation at least $10.

As far as backwards compatibility goes, it’s not universally backwards compatatible like a PS2 or PS3. The intention is to make just the biggest titles backwards compatable presumably through some type of software emulation. The only way to really do full compatability is to include the hardware from the last generation which is hard if you used off the shelf parts. MS doesn’t want to continute to pay Intel/Nvidia for every new X360 shipped.

No Cervaise I’m talking about diagonal, not circumfrance.

Just kidding. 102"? Damn! Do you live in an airplane hanger or something?

As for your question, an article I read today said that it would be back compatible for some games. I have no idea what that means.

There’s been another article posted on Gamespot. This one talks about the pricing a bit more, and specifically EB Games’ bundles. It mentions that if you assume $60 for the games, and that you actually want everything that comes in the bundle, that you are saving about $20 buying the bundle. Whoopee!!

**Scoundrel ** If you want a 360 on the day they are released, I’m afraid you may end up overpaying just like me. Like the article says, because supply is short, retailers can force people to buy the bundles. Maybe things will be different in the Netherlands though.

(Hijacking my own thread - you have no HD service in the Netherlands? That’s terrible! I sometimes find myself watching really stupid things just for the absolute pleasure of watching them in HD. Discovery HD Theater runs a documentary about beavers (the tree chewing, damn building kind) that I’ve probably watched 5 times just because it so beautiful.)

I’m going to wait on all the new systems and read some actual reviews on the final release version of stuff before I buy anything. The first production models of practically any hardware have a higher incidence of flaws, simply because it’s impossible to detect all of them in advance.

Yeah, you overpaid, as you said. But so what? Sounds like the “event purchase” aspect of it is what appeals to you, plus being able to play it from day one. The thing is an over-indulgent luxury item anyway; why worry about being practical when it comes to something like that?

When I got my first paycheck for my first job out of college, the first thing I did (after depositing the check) was go into a Toys R Us and buy a videogame console and a game. I wasn’t even that excited about the game, or the console, and I hadn’t shopped around for the best price or anything. I just liked the idea of being able to go into a store, without saving up or even planning for it really, and use my own money to buy myself something relatively expensive and completely unnecessary. And it was awesome.

(As for the Xbox 360, I’m 99% sure I’m getting one soon after it comes out. But I’m planning on its being a “home media center,” because I haven’t been that impressed with any of the games announced for it yet.)

Yeah - damn those damn beavers and their damn building, damn it. I’m looking forward to the new Xbox because all the old games will drop in price, especially used: I figure my Xbox is good for another few years - I’ll probably trade up when the Xbox 720 comes out.

Not even Oblivion

It’s going to be Morrowind^2, basically. Upgraded everything.

Not even Oblivion

It’s going to be Morrowind^2, basically. Upgraded everything.

Tell me about it! I’m planning on buying Oblivion ASAP which will result in me canceling my Gamefly subscription for most of next year. I figure with the time it will take me to complete the four games that come in the bundle, plus the 6 months it will take to get through Oblivion, there’s no point in maintaining Gamefly.