I just put a new calculator on my website

I wrote a calculator that can compute values for “flow problems”. That is, of the 3 variables, pipe diameter, velocity and flow rate, if you know 2 of these, it will calculate the third. This isn’t as intimidating as it sounds and it might be fun just to visit and “fool around” with the calculator :
This seems a bit technical for MPSIMS but then again it doesn’t belong in General Questions because I don’t need an answer.

I upgraded to vBulletin 3.0 RC 4.

Not as exciting as a flow calculator, but still something of note. Or not.

In a sense that is a “flow calculator” although it does not have other variables that people would want to see (pressure for one). Could you post a site for a flow calculator?

Hey, cool, wolf meister. I bookmarked it. I’ve got a drinking water distribution license, and I just signed up for a small water systems O&M course, so I can see needing that. I’m sadly lacking in the math skills myself. I can calculate something like that, but it takes a strong eraser, lots of calculator batteries, and a fair amount of cussing.

Gee thanks Bowert
I am thinking of writing another one whereby the variables will be time, rate and volume. Example: You are filling a 20 cubic foot pool from a garden hose that has a flow rate of 1 gallon every 47 seconds. How long will it take?
(Well I haven’t written it just yet but it should be available shortly).

Okay, I wrote that other flow rate calculator and it is located here:
Please try it out. I think it is a great time saver.