I just ran 6 miles.....for no apparent reason!

Yay! It was the Pittsburgh Great Race, a 10K trek through the streets of da Burgh, and I was in it at 9:30 this morning.

As I ran past the CMU pep band, Pitt Bagpipe Band, and Eat n Park Smiley Cookie, though, I couldn’t help but think, Why am I doing this?

I seriously don’t see why anybody would run. I’m on the Cross Country team at school, and I don’t think I’ve EVER seen moral as low as before a meet. People just sitting around, saying “Why the hell am I doing this?” And “I hope I break my leg, so I don’t have to run,” and “I wish I had cancer. Then I wouldn’t have to run.”

I’ve never talked to anyone who has liked running. I mean, sure, the benefits are great, and it keeps you in shape, but, does anybody enjoy the process? What keeps people coming back, time after time, putting themselves through it with no provocation?

My dad, cheezeball that he is, has an interesting theory, which is also one of his favorite quotes. “Running,” he says, “Is like hitting your head against a wall. It feels so good when you stop.” True, but I have another theory.

Running is a disease. Completely incurable, and, though beneficial, very painful. It’s the only explanation, from what I can see. Once you catch it, you’re a runner for life, and everybody is left baffled by your sado-masochist tendencies.

I’ve got the bug for sure, anybody else?

I do some of my best deep thought thinking when I am running. It is like I am out there in the world, but totally left alone. No one bugs you when you are running. Plus, I really think every out of shape person that sees me running has a bang of guilt when I go past, like they say to themselves “I should be keeping myself in shape too”.

I had a chem prof that said running was addictive. It was bad on the joints, but the high from it was addictive. I have nothing to back this up, but hey, an answer for you.

So thats what that god awful racket was this morning when I was trying to get to bed. I hate bagpipes.

Well the other day just for the hell of it i told my mom to drop me off about a mile from my house and that I could beat her home. That was being a dumbass because it was about a bajillion degrees outside and i was wearing a pair of heavy, big, baggy pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Needless to say, I lost. :mad:

There are plenty of people I know that adore running, they love the sense of accomplishment that they get at the end of a race and when they beat their best times and all of that. I personally don’t understand it at all. I will run with a purpose, I play soccer, you run an average of 3 miles per game, a mile a day during practice and that’s just the laps running in drills and sprints doesn’t count. But why run for the sake of running?


Well, add me to the list of aged orange dairy products.

I run a couple of marathons a year. The training is miserable (I’m up at 5 am most mornings to run), and the races are grueling, but nothing beats the sensation of being able to stop at the end. Plus, the rest of the day you get to pig out on whatever you want…on the couch, with your feet up. That ain’t so bad!

Forrest Gump :slight_smile:

I don’t run marathons, but nothing is better for thinking than exercise. If I’m stuck on a problem, I’ll go for a run, and 9 times out of ten, the answer will come to me within a few minutes. In that regard, I do enjoy it.

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I get terrible shin splints when I run. Sometimes they’re so bad that I can barely walk afterwards. Does anyone know how I might alleviate them?

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Try padding the soles of your shoes more, by getting new insoles, or tying the shoes tighter. I think that works, but you might want a second opinion.

Ice and Advil when you have them. A good, fresh pair of running sneakers to keep them from coming back. Sneakers wear out after 250 - 300 miles, less if you walk around in them too.

Ehm - I positively love to run, even when I’m in the process of actually running, most of the time.

Sure, marathons get first boring and then painful, but a nice 10-km trip along the river ? Hard to beat for pure recreation - I come home refreshed, body & soul. Long distances are great challenges for your stamina and endurance, short trips are cool for meditating and, of course, also serve as training for the longer ones.

Besides, it’s the sort of sport where you can just grab your gear and go for it - no need to book a facility or get a team together, just tie on the shoes and hit the trail.

I know the physical benefits are controversial, and indeed most of the old runners I hang out with have been injured at some time in their career. WTF, sports carry risks.

BTW, I’ll have to point out that the combination of running & socializing known as “Hashing” - a drinking club with a running problem - is a worthwhile addition to any serious runner’s schedule. And to most non-serious runners’ as well.

S. Norman

When selecting a running shoe, get one with a thick sole. Saucony has models that are for “beginner runners.” And stretch out BEFORE you run. If you calfs are tight, you will get shin splints.

Happy running!

i enjoy watching runners esp. in the summer when many of them are clothing impaired.

ogre,i have the same problem with shin splits. i have found not running to be the best way to alleviate the problem. i only run if i’m in mortal danger. there are many reasons for shin splits, determine if yours is medical (calcium problems), physical, (like mine, high arches) or not running properly. check with a podiatrist or trainer.

Yikes, runners on the Dope board! How wonderful! I, too, am a runner. Not far - 5 miles is the most I go. I started running last year as my cure for a bout of depresssion that I was going through. All the endorphins that it releases sure did help. Now I run 'cause it keeps me in great shape and is a good way to burn off the frustrations of the day. I love running and coming home sweating like a pig!

I think running is “addicting” only in the way that you get used to having all those endorphins released - the feel good drugs of the body. Of course, stopping is a good feeling too ;)! I used to hate to run - had to run in high school gym, had to run PT in the Navy and then, voila, a little depression to combat and I discovered a wonderful thing.

Re: shin splints. I used to get them really bad when I was in gymnastics in high school and my coach always told me they were from not stretching well so that the muscle around your tibia pulls away. I used to be the queen of iced shins back then! Good stretching before and after you exercise!

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Thanks, guys. Actually, you have given me some good suggestions. I do currently have an old pair of running shoes. I’ll definitely replace them. I also have very high arches, so I suppose I should make sure I have proper support. Merlot, stretching helps, but not as much (in my case) as I had hoped. It merely delays the onset of the crippling pain.

My shin splints occur mainly in the left leg. Here’s why: a few years ago, I was playing Ultimate Frisbee in DC, and suddenly made a fast cut. When I changed directions, my left foot came down in a hidden hole. I hyperextended my knee and ankle badly. I went to an orthopedic surgeon, and he told me that I had probably damaged the nerve a little as well as some of the connective tissue. For months afterward, I could barely move my foot. I believe that during this time, the muscle atrophied somewhat. As soon as I got a fairly regular range of motion back, I started running again, to try to build the muscle. It worked to an extent. I don’t limp around any more, but more than 2-3 days in a row of running 3-4 miles, and the pain is unbearable. I’m a big, strong feller, and I’ve been reduced to tears before. It’s very frustrating, because I love running, and I need to be able to do it. It’s good for the body, and nothing will improve my mood faster than a good, hard…run (wink wink!).

I’ll certainly try some of your suggestions. Thank you.

BTW, does anyone know if running backwards will improve shin splints? A friend of mine suggested it…

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