Today I ran 25km!

Thats 15miles!!!Am super duper proud of myself!

Though am very tired now!

(Just had to share that :slight_smile: )

I’d run 15 miles too if I had hippos in my garden! (Congrats!)

Cool! Are you working up to a marathon, by any chance?

No I’m not training for anything in particular. Normally i run 10km everyday but today i felt like i could just run and run, so I did until the machine timed out at 25km!

Pretty cool! Enjoy your accomplishment.

Nice job!

For me to run 25km Jason Vorhees would have to be on my ass.

I occasionally have that “run forever” feeling and it’s great, but I usually regret indulging it the next day or the day after.
Let us know how you’re doin’ tomorrow!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Today I felt good-normal, so I ran a mere 15km. I need to make a new running soundtrack, i’m getting bored of my music.

Congratulations. Perhaps you should consider running a marathon, just to see if you like them.

Oh. My. God! Are you OK? Did you call a doctor?

Call a doctor?!Why?