I just read all of every thread in ATMB

I did. All of ‘em. Even the four page long Cecil-replacement thread. Without even realizing it. Next up: GQ. See if I can’t learn somethin’. Then I’ll go to GD for my arguing skills, then the Pit to learn some new insults, then the Cafe to see if there is anything interesting out now. Then maybe IMHO to get both sides of something, and finally, MPSIMS to get a little R&R after all that brain work.

Wow. You have too much time on your hands. y’know that, right? If you’re even seriously contemplating reading through GQ…

You do realise that there are about 38000 threads, totalling almost 400,000 posts in there, right? Even reading the 3000 odd threads in ATMB is somewhat impressive…

Can you sum it up for us?

Is your “default thread view” set to show all threads?

30,000 posts … I suppose that’s about the size of a small novel. Bear in mind though many ATMB threads are a line or two long. GD has some posts in book form!

Color me impressed.

My goodness… I don’t think I’d get through all of that! I don’t even know if I’d want to do that… you have too much time on your hands, buddy! That would take months and months… and considering the fact that there are new threads popping up all the time here (especially during the quick times), I think I’d be behind before I even started! :eek:

Gripping, wasn’t it?

Let’s see…

Summing it all up:
about 90% of it was tests; boring, screwed up vB code, the other ten was made up of maybe a few misplaced GQ threads, sticky FAQs, blah blah blah, Why can’t I do [insert vB function here], what’s wrong with my [insert problematic thing here], etc.

Boring. Maybe I’ll get something useful out of the rest of the board.(no offense to anyone who posted there, though)

Although, I did learn that some mathematician figured out that:

e[sup]i[symbol]p[/symbol][/sup] + 1 = 0

No clue what it means, though.

Mostly Harmless.