I just realized I live in the middle of everywhere.

I live in a small town in northwest Pennsylvania, Jamestown, and when asked, “Where’s Jamestown?” I always replied, “It’s between Pittsburgh and Cleveland.”

I was playing around with Yahoo maps, and I found out Jamestown really is in the middle of everywhere!

We are in the middle between:

Meadville and Sharon
Youngstown and Erie
Pittsburgh and Cleveland
Columbus and Toronto
New York and Chicago
Detroit and Harrisburg
Philadelphia and Indianapolis
Boston and Nashville
Milwaukee and Montreal.

So all you companies who are looking to relocate to a central place, look-up Jamestown, PA!

[cranky old Maine coot]'ceptin ya cahn’t get theya from heya[/comc]

Here is my theory:

Jamestown, Pennsylvania is everything.

[ul][]Jamestown, Pennsylvania is in between Milwaukee and Montréal.[]Everything is in between Milwaukee and Montréal.Jamestown, Pennsylvania is everything.[/ul]Q.E.D.

That sounds like my favorite sig-tag:

Nothing is better than eternal happiness.
However, a ham sandwich is better than nothing.
Thus a ham sandwich is better than eternal happiness!

eta: And - you can get a ham sandwich in Jamestown, PA

Hey, did we Left Coasters fall into the ocean?! I hate when that happens without notice.
So, are you in the middle of San Franscisco and Chicago? Or Seattle and New Orleans?

I didn’t think so… Besides, you people don’t really exist anyway, since there’s no life east of I-5.


So you’re saying that you are in a superb flyover location? :slight_smile:

waiiiiit a minute! Spheres don’t have a middle. So, I’m in the middle of everyting too. Hrmmph!

Well, technically, spheres do have a center of orgin, which in the case of our Earth is the core, approximately. (The Earth isn’t a perfect sphere due to the distrubution of land masses and it’s rotation, but it’s close enough.)

(Sorry, my dad’s a phD in aerospace engineering - i.e., a rocket scientist :D. I take after him sometimes.)

Well ain’t that place a geographical oddity!