I just realized why i don't like Frodo

So it was hard to get good help even back then. But in many ways Nazguls are the ultimate airheads.

Wasn’t the title of the article something like “Gandalf is a 5th-Level Wizard” or something like that?

Not a matter of time, but of systems. Even in modern D&D, 20th level is still really high, if not as high as you can get. 45th level in your average MMORPG probably translates to roughly 10th or 11th level in AD&D terms.

How do you feel about Bard (from The Hobbit)? After all, he killed a flying dragon with a single arrow. That’s like rolling 100 consecutive 00s.

Ok. Good to know. I only played Paper & Dice version and started way back in '75 with the ancient 3 book box set. I still play a few times a year. Highest any characters ever got in my games were low 20’s and that was literally after 5 years of playing weekly. I always stressed the storyline and character development over just kill = experience.

He got word of an exploit and used it though. :wink:

It was a very special arrow. He was a very good shot and he knew the one weakness of Old Smaug.

This is why they introduced ammunition breakage rules in the next edition.

If the LotR Orcs are <1 HD monsters, then an 8th level Aragorn will get 8 attacks per round vs the Orcs, which pretty much fits the film. Legolas probably has double long bow specialisation, and the bow is probably +2 of speed.
Which Hobbit got most experience in the end though? After all Sam actually hit the Spider Queen Shelob?

So he was actually unlikely to fail?

I don’t know beans about this D&D stuff. But hey, Sauron, I hear tell that you’re in the middle of jump starting an industrial revolution in a developing area. I also hear that you’re building a coalition which has no prejudice, includes all kinds of different people from disparate ethnic and cultural backgrounds working side by side as equals. You’ve even empowered nine of the local community leaders to be part of the effort. But you’re encountering resistance from some redneck honkies who insist on resisting progress, grasping at outdated dogma and maintaining their ignorant backwoods existence.

So let me take the chance to say, you go, bro! Beat them rednecks! You might want to post an orc guard or two on that big volcano over there, while you’re at it…

Meridoc helped killed the Lord of the Nazguls and lead the Scouring of the Shire.
Capt Merry definitely gained the most experience.
On other hand Sam grew the most as a person. He was the Lower Class nobody with Aristocrats and the Idle Wealthy.
After the war he was received by Kings and Mayor for life. Able to finagle huge tracts of land for his family and get his children into favorable marriages.

Yeah well, what’s a hobbit to do? The Enemy totally hax. Just because you give the Eye of Sauron a fancy pants name it’s still a lamer radar cheat.

The GMs really suck too. They won’t even help unless you kiss up and get their “grace” or some BS. This is the worst run MMO ever.

omg lol k n00b

She rolled a natural 18 on her Charisma stat and then tweaked it up by taking the “Weak and helpless” and “Trouble-making familiar: dog” disadvantages.

You qouldn’t like the new edition. Mathematically, you should easily be able to level from 1 to 20 in about three months. And they pretty much made the XP tables such that the GM has no say, at least not according to WotC.

You caught me, I still use the first edition of AD&D with heavy editing by myself.
My large campaigns took place in Middle Earth, roughly 110 Fourth Age.
(at the very end of Aragorn’s Reign)
I now use a world I built completely from scratch with it’s own mythos.
Oh, I was one of those ref’s that had a favorite NPC that could never have anything serious happen to him. He was Samwise’s Grandson and a professional Treasure Finder and Trickster.

“Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a 17th-level moocow coming down along the road to the Keep on the Borderlands and this moocow that was coming down along the road met a nicens little boy named baby koo-bold…”

Yeah, I see what you mean.

Frodo is not a D&D character. He is the **Quest Item ** himself. No one else can carry the Ring.

Just like you have to bring the virgin along for the virgin sacrifice, even though she’s no good at fighting all the goody-two-shoe paladins & knights intent on rescuing her, so too you must bring Frodo through harm’s way and protect him.

If I read you correctly, Frodo/Gandalf are the same? That I would believe. Gandalf is two boxin his alt Frodo so he get him some Blue/Purple BOP crap. He’s obviously a noob, because what kind of wizard tanks in an instance like Moria? If you ask me, they are all idiots. WTF, no healer?