I just realized why i don't like Frodo

What is this strange feeling? Is it? Could it be? I … I think I’m in love with :ulp: Sol!

That’s one thing that bothered me in the movie. Til then I’d played D&D and even read LOTR with the image of 4 feet of evil-tempered, weak but wiry, just-plain ornery manflesh. Moderately deformed. PJ’s Goblins(Moria) looked about right as <1 HD, you got the idea that Aragorn coul easily knock off 6-10 in a sweep and that Boromir could just wade through them like a rampant lawn mower until it was time to pause for tea. But the Uruks were looking a lot to me like at least 3HD if not 5HD for the Berserker class (with the halberds & no armor at Helms Deep)! Sure, they were all less than a year old–mere children, really–but they had some serious meat and ability to deliver some unmodified damage. Kinda like a 1HD monster with 2 attacks at 1d8+20 each: Stupid.

And did someone roll a natural 20 to hit to kill haldir or what!

No it can’t be both Frodo and Gandalf cuz you can’t log into the same server with two different characters at the same time. I was just talking about how Gandalf comes up out of nowhere with a name change and a new robe and he’s all “hey lookit me and how powerful I am” and they’re all “well yeah, dumb-ass, because you left the party right at the end of an instance dungeon just so you could solo the elite mob and get all the XP for yourself.” Should’ve called himself Gandalf Teh Ghey.

You’re so totally right about how stupid it is having a mage tank instead of letting your dwarf or your ranger do it. “No d00d stand back with ur axe and sword and watch what my staff can do!” He was just grandstanding because he was probably still pissed about how Saruman turned on his PvP flag and totally pwned Gandalf, because he was still bitching and moaning about how Saurman had “betrayed the council” or some shit. Fucking care bear.

Plus you know he was jealous that his magic ring was just a Rare drop while Frodo’s was Unique. Yeah, get over it – Frodo already offered to trade the ring with you but it’s soulbound, moron!

I’m not even going to mention about how Gimli was useless for staying back with the long-range fighters the whole time and not even building his Mining craft skill. At least Samwise kept his Cooking skill up.

On the other hand, he gets saddled right at the start with the most heavily Cursed Nodrop object in the entire MMUD, and he has every Evil alignment character in the game actively hunting for him.

Yep, Gandalf isn’t played by frodo. And Gandalf can’t be the GM pet, he got his ass kicked by Sauron.

Frodo is a powerleveling twink as I said. Sam is a second account multiplayed mule just set on /follow for the whole thing. Merry and Pippin are only there cause Frodo’s mom said she would cancel DSL if he didn’t play with his 8 year old brothers. Gandalf is a character from beta with leftover grandfathered artifacts and skills, that have long sence been nerfed from new players. Gandalf is clearly bored with the character so he rarely even bothers playing him anymore, but when he does he goes warrior just to make it interesting, and doesn’t cast much spells anymore since it is boring.

Dude, you just got a total spit-take. Nice.

Well, the Monster Manual only listed one kind of Uruk, and that had 5 HD. So, really, who cares if they were only a few weeks old. They pop out fully formed, didn’t you know that? Sort of how your 20-year old character has only one level of fighter, but no expert or peasant levels for all those years you spent on the farm.

Saruman. But both Saruman and Gandalf are NPCs - it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. You take that uber NPC that always does everything for the party, and have another NPC kick his butt. That’s when the players get really scared!

:o I don’t have my MM handy. I’ll fall back on “Sorry guys, I haven’t played since 2nd edition…did they do Uruks back then?”

I was joking. Uruk-Hai don’t appear in the Monster Manual.

Still Bandit, don’t be silly about the leveling stuff. That’s all DM style of running.

I’m in a game now that we have played for only a few months and gone from fourth to 15th level, which sound a lot like what you are reffering to, but that’s just the DM. It’s a regular hack and slash game.

That’s not how I run. In my games, the characters actually have to deal with social issues, politics and family, etc., and I can run three or four sessions before they reach second level alone.

Of course, I’m also posting very hung over, so you can ignore anything I say.


This is all hilarious. Can I pop in for a quick hijack?

I was in the bookstore the other day and noticed that the Dragon Lance books were published by Wizards of the Coast. So, do they own D&D now? I haven’t played since 2nd edition, and in my mind WotC is, ‘the company that makes Magic: The Gathering.’

Yes. They bought TSR back in… 97?

So, is this [ol]
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And then Hasbro bought them.

You’re totally missing the point about Frodo. He was Sam’s retainer. His mule, if you like.

Who got attacked by the Watcher in the Water? Who was attacked by Black Riders and a troll? In Shelob’s cave, who ran ahead to check for traps? Who got his finger bitten off?

That’s right, it was retainer boy, geared up to be the armor-plated trap detector. When did Sam ever take a risk? Let’s see… never.

At the very start of the story, Samwise said, “Let’s see. Ring of power and ultimate evil, could corrupt the soul and drain my life until I turn into a Ringwraith? Acts as a beacon for Black Riders? Even if I don’t put it on? Give it to the retainer.”

Look, the retainer even got Sting, an object which a) orcs hate, and b) which glows brightly so every orc nearby can see it more easily.

It’s a multiclasses thread.

multiclassed, dammit, I hate it when I typo %25 of the words in a post.

I’ll be D&D/LotR but I need to fight the Frodo Bashing.

Not only is he a powerleveling twink, but after they finished the quest, he completely ditched the guys he partied with when he went through the Shire tutorial zone to go hang out in another guild’s invite-only area.