I just received my first CHRISTMAS catalog!!!

There it was in my mailbox yesterday.
A Neiman Marcus catalog with nothing but Christmas items.
Cards, ornaments, stockings, house decorations, etc., etc.

This catalog arrived August 1st or 2nd, so it was mailed in July!

It’s way too early for this! I haven’t even begun to really enjoy the summer yet - haven’t been to the pool once. And they want me to think about buying CHRISTMAS STUFF?!?!?!?
Not only that, but ridiculously expensive Christmas stuff!

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHH! I am nowhere close to being ready to think about that. Is anyone?

(I would’ve made this a Pit rant if I had a little more time today. Feel free to take it in that direction if you’re so inspired.)

Hmmm…mail must be late where you’re from…

These things come so early, my seasonal emotional cycle has gotten all out of whack. I’m full of yuletide cheer in mid-August, and by October, I’m burned out.

Fortunately, last year I managed to avoid over-exposure and actually had a fairly pleasant rush of Christmas spirit in December, when it belongs.