Xmas Gloating...

I’m sorry, but I just gotta. Gloat, that is.

I’ve finished 3/4 of my Xmas shopping (all wrapped as well, plus 16 favors for my friend’s New Years Day brunch). Apartment cleaned really well, decorations up. Even candles in the windows. Except for tree. This is my first year with a kitty, and I’m not sure how to arrange the tree thing. Miss Fritters is pretty wild, and a tree might be an invitation to disaster. So we’ll see.

Only thing left to do is the Xmas cards (40) and the rest of the shopping (four gifties by my count).

No baking or cooking, thank God. That would just be *too * much.

Yes, I’m anally retentive and stuff, but what a relief. I try to get most of this crap done every year before Thanksgiving. Then I like to go to the local mall, sit down at Starbucks with a mocha latte, (skinny, no whip), and enjoy the exquisite holiday mayhem unfolding before me, knowing I am in but not of it.

Anybody else do this?

Guy wires?
Or a playpen?

I’m not answering the rest of your post because I don’t want to be rude. :slight_smile:

I have about a dozen cards to send out but I have been done with my shopping for about a week and a half now. Just waiting for Amazon to deliver them.

I’ve got boxed cards to use up and have had them for a year. Other than putting up the pre-lighted tree, I’m going to try to take it easier this year.
My neighbors, on the other hand, are already starting on their outdoor lighting strings and decorations.

I’ve already got my cards done and gifts are arranged.

Admittedly, I don’t have to send out too many (but my husband picked out a box of 40 cards. WTF!).

Being a man, I finished my Christmas card sending early. In fact, it’s been twenty two years now since I stopped.

My shopping has been done for ages. It is always like that with me. I may buy a few small things yet, if I see something that catches my eye, but for the most part, I’m done.

I don’t do any of the other stuff though, so you are way ahead of me there.

Hi Monica,


Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler

I actually buy my cards when they go on sale after Christmas, so I’ve had them for a little over ten months now. I just need to fill them out and mail them!

The only shopping I have to do is for my daughter and my SDMB Secret Santa recipient, since the rest of my family and I have agreed not to exchange presents this year. Well, my dad always gives cash and still will this year, so we’re buying him as many cases of Red Dog beer as we can. It’s what he likes.

This is the easiest I’ve had it in years!! Enjoy the feeling of relief, Creaky!!

You could always keep them for a while. There’s a very good chance that we’ll celebrate Christmas next year.

I finished decoration all the Christmas cookies and delivered them to the four recipiants that get anything this year. That would mean I’m done except for the eating. I will have to make one thing again. I eaten almost four batches of Chex Mix without the nuts or pretzels in the last week. That’s three regular boses of cereal

Yeah but I don’t want to send the same cards next year. :stuck_out_tongue:

thirdwarning: Guy wires are a good idea. I read on my “Cat a Day” calendar that that’s just the trick for securing a Christmas tree around a kitty. If we put up a tree, that might indeed be the way to go. I’m still worried, though, about her getting at the ornaments. Also… the thought of a playpen is hilarious! It would almost be worth buying one to see Miss Fritters in it and get some pics of her. Heh, heh. How undignified!
Aesiron: Well, see, you’re right on top of things, too. I say it pays to be ready ahead of time during the holiday season. Gotta love Amazon!

vivalostwages: Taking it easier is good. I think that the holidays should be enjoyed, preferably watching others scramble about in the throes of Last-Minute Shopping Apoplexy. Yes, I am a mean, mean person.

The Sausage Creature: Cards and gifts done… you’re home free, baby. Nice to see that others are as anally retentive as I about this Christmas stuff! And yeah, you can use whatever cards you don’t use this year, next year.

Little Nemo: Okay, that cracked me up. And ain’t that *just * like a man…! :smiley: Way stress-free for the holidays, yes?
Khadaji: I’m always impressed with people who get their shopping done way ahead. Do you shop all year for Christmas and buy stuff as it hits you? I always thought that was a great way to do it, but I could never seem to follow through.
jali: Okay. You get the prize for making me absolutely laugh so hard I almost choked. Indeed, little do you know that my friends *do * call me Monica Geller. Yes, I *am * Monica. I have come to terms with it; nay, I have embraced it. Fear me and my skinny mocha neuroses. (I even get *really * big scary hair on humid days.)

Susie Derkins: Thank you! I am enjoying the relief even as I sip serenely on a glass of chilled cheapo Chardonnay. I’ve never heard of Red Dog Beer. Is it good? Maybe I’ll get some for my boyfriend. He likes Sam Adams. Is it anything like that?

iamthewalrus(:3=: Yep. Christmas cards always keep. I reckon I have more than I’ll ever use!

Harmonious Discord: Good lord, I do love Chex Mix. The homemade stuff is the best. I miss being able to eat that stuff (I rarely do carbs anymore! :frowning: )

I have no idea! I don’t think it’s anything fancy, though. He used to drink Schlitz, and think Red Dog is a slight upgrade from that. :slight_smile:

And there was I, congratulating myself at having started my Christmas shopping while it’s still only November. I may go all out this year, though, and wrap the presents before the 24th.

Yep. Years ago when I was poor I would buy one gift for a person each pay check, then I would not be in debt when Christmas came. The habit stuck and since I don’t like crowds anyway, I just buy all year and put them away. Sometimes I forget where I put them… but then I can give them later when I find them.