Are you ready for Christmas yet?

So, it’s Saturday, December 22nd, only another 64 1/2 hours to Chrismas morning…

Are you ready yet?

Myself, I just finished wrapping Satellite^Gal’s gifts and sticking them under the tree (right in the back, so she’d have to pull all the other gifts out to get to them)

This year, I’m kinda lucky in that there wasn’t alot of pressure to find THE PERFECT gift, since we’re moving into our new house in less than a month, and we’d agreed that her main gift would be a puppy (yes, we picked her out already) the day after we’re moved in. Don’t worry, the other presents I got her are very thoughtful and nice…

But I’m jut wondering if there’s still some hapless fool out there who’s thinking, “Oh, I still have plenty of time, there’s still, let’s see – Holy Crap!! there’re only 2 more shopping days left!! Oh jeez, oh jeez, I gotta get my ass to the mall!! Good Lord, the mall’s gonna be nuts with last minute shoppers!! Who the hell leaves their shopping to the last minute like that, anyways? They should’ve gotten it done a month ago, so I could shop in peace and quiet, without the crowds!” :stuck_out_tongue:


I finished shopping about 2 weeks ago, but I’m feeling kind of guilty. My mom and brother both got me loads of nice presents, while I spent maybe $130 on them total. I may have to make a clandestine trip to Best Buy later on.

Heh. We just made our list. :slight_smile:

Edit: Stauderhorse, just pay the membership fee already. :smiley:

Kay. :confused:


I mainly have to do wrapping (probably some tonight and the rest tomorrow night) and I have a couple of presents I need to finish making, but one is almost done (and not being gifted until a day or two after Christmas) and the other is pretty easy to bang out (which I need to for Stocking Stuffers… I started to do it last night but needed something which I picked up today).

I had to hit the mall today though, because a package I ordered in November(!) is still not here, though Fedex assures me it will be here Monday I very much doubt them. So I got a backup present, and a new coffeemaker for myself because my old one died this morning when I tried to make coffee.

But otherwise? Done!

I will not do Christmas shopping for those few presents that are left until after the New Year. I’ll send out all presents that haven’t already been gifted after that.

Everyone who is getting presents knows and understands this and why I have to do it like this. Except maybe my sister and her boyfriend, but they’ll know on Christmas when I make the traditional Christmas call.

Next year I think it’s all baked goods, jam, and stuff like that.

I’m only saying I’d enjoy having you as a member.

I have some wrapping to do, but other than that, I’m ready.

I was going to start today but it was so nice out I had to play in the yard. Maybe tomorrow I will have better luck. I did have an idea for my brother while gazing through the telescope, but, apart from that, I haven’t given it much thought.

Okay, so we’re halfway done now. We finish tomorrow when my best friend comes up from Chi-town to see us. I’m excited because we got some really cool presents. I got my Mom a kit (including cookie-cutters) for making peppermint brownie ice cream sandwiches!

I’ve bought two gifts so far. I haven’t even bought wrapping paper or tape yet. Just figured out the menu for Christmas dinner tonight, so grocery shopping tomorrow. Looks like an all-nighter on Chrstmas Eve, again…

Looks like I spoke too soon, when I started the thread… about an hour later, Satellite^Gal tells me WE need to go out to pick up some stuff for her Mom and her Mom’s SO.

But NOW I’m done… (I think)


I still have to get a gift for my niece, and order my husband’s gift on line. I’ve spent since Wednesday looking for this item, and every store is out.

So, now, I’ll have to order it, it’ll get here late, and in the meantime he’s got a small gift to unwrap under the tree.

Other than that, I think I’m done with gifts.

Tomorrow, I pick up the prime rib roast I ordered, along with the rest of the groceries needed for Christmas Day.

In between all of that, it’s furious cleaning time.

Urgh, not even close to being ready. We went out shopping today, and couldn’t find a single one of the things we’d gone out to find! It was a horrible, crowded shopping day, and if I can’t find the item I want for my sister, I have no idea what else to buy her! I also have nothing for my father, father-in-law, or FIL’s girlfriend, nor have I even begun to consider what little gifts I should get for various friends we will undoubtedly be seeing in the next few days.

This disastrous shopping day means we have to go back out tomorrow, which means our plans to be at my parent’s house for dinner might not work out. In the meantime, we also need to clean this apartment, since we will be having people over on the 26th and it’s a total pigsty.

I’m tired, frustrated and discouraged. Can Christmas be delayed this year? Just a few days, please?

Aw shucks. :o

All set. The wife’s present is hidden in the closet. Even though it’s just another day in Thailand, there are lots of New Year’s decorations around the city that resemble Christmas decorations. Plus the malls and department stores know Christmas means big profits from the farangs here, so there really is a Christmasy feel to December. Too bad I’m contantly assaulted by never-ending renditions of “Frosty the Snowman” and “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” each and every time I set foot in a store now. But hearing Thais sing “Jinger Ben” (which is how they pronounce “Jingle Bells”) has become something of an annual treat.

Funny enough, although the 25th is never a holiday, this year the 24th is, because of the general election on the 23rd.

NOPE! I haven’t bought a single gift yet, except one for my brother that I bought him last year and couldn’t find in time, but found again in the kitchen, and one for a friend that lives an hour away whom I don’t know when I’ll see in the near future. On top of that, my boyfriend bought my brother and sister’s presents this year and I gave him money. When I called tonight to find out if the Wal-Mart near my mom carried the book I was looking for for the bf, she found it, and my brother ended up buying it for him. :rolleyes:

So, the bf doesn’t know that I cashed in some of my WM stock to have Christmas money, so I’m going to be shopping tomorrow afternoon. Like a big crazy.

Personally I’m done. Hubby tried to get out of getting my last gift by getting me a weighted companion cube plush online, but they’re not up yet?

So first thing Monday morning (like, 7am) we’re going out into town so he can get my last gift, then we’re both done.

I am done, done, done. Even the Christmas candy is made. Everything’s bought and wrapped and waiting under the ficus tree, because the kids approved of my plan of not bothering with a traditional tree this year. Clean up’s going to be easy this year too!

So I get to relax this weekend, and enjoy. I’m cooking on Tuesday, but that’s no big deal.

I finished two days ago. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: