I just said goodbye to my kitty.

I got her when I was just three years old, as me and my twin sister’s first pet. She was just a kitten then, and moved to our new house with us two years later, and has now been with us a total of fifteen years.
In a previous thread I thought she was passing on. She made a full recovery following that incident, though. Recently, she has fallen ill, and is especially bad tonight. I do not think she will make it. She is currently laying with my father, who she is especially fond of. I hope she is enjoying what time she has left.

I’m going to miss her :frowning:


Take care of her, and see her off to the next world.

If she is suffering, do not hesitate to take her in and help her on her way. It is always a hard thing to do and a hard decision to make. But trust me, it is the better decision. I allowed my best bud to suffer far too long for my own weakness and my own selfishness, and I deeply regret it. Don’t have those same regrets.

I went through 2 cats in 2 years. It sucks.

I went through the same thing a week ago.

Some great thoughts here.

You gave your kitty a good life. That’s the most anyone can ask for, or give.

I’m sorry to hear it. I freak right the hell out, every damn time. It sounds like your kitty’s final hours are peaceful ones, tho.

Please take care.

My sympathy and best vibes are yours.

In 2009-2010, I lost four cats: Isaac, Cosmo, Dickens, and Halley. It never gets easier, but not drawing it out too long is the best thing, I’ve found.

I hope things are as peaceful as they can be today, whatever is going on.

I saw a sympathy card once that specifically addressed a pet’s loss when it has been put to sleep. It said something like “Remember, you did the last, best, thing you could.”

I’m sorry anyone has to go through this. Lots of pet owners hear to have their ears bent.

If its looking bad, but you don’t think kitty will go fast, IMO also putting to sleep is the right (but damn hardest thing) to do. At least with humans, there are often decent reasons for hanging on a bit, seeing the latest grandkid born, making one last Christmas, seeing the first days of spring… Animals live pretty much day to day and when the days are bad, they are just bad.

Also, some vets will come to your house to do it. You’ll probably have to call around a bit to find one though. If you can swing the extra cost, that is IMO a much better way for everyone involved. If you decide to go that route, let me know. I have a few pointers.

Shes still here, but I dont see how. I cant afford to have her put down.

I should add that she hasnt been alone today, we’ve had someone keeping her company the whole time. When I got home I was laying next to her, petting her and calling her name. She didnt move much, but she was purring. I cant even hold myself together. Since I got her at such a young age one of if not my earliest memory is the lady bringing her out to my sister and I as a kitten, and playing with her in the grass before bringing her home to my dad. He was mad that we got a cat, but ironically enough I think she is closest to him.

I’m very sorry. I have been in attendance for two of my cats’ final moments. But I was a kid, more or less. When one of these three go, who I’ve known all their lives, I’m really going to be torn up.


I put my ‘Old Grumpy’ to sleep a few years ago, and I still miss her. I had her longer than I had anyone else in my life. I had her before husband, kids, and friends. Making the decision to put her to sleep was awful. I called the vet and said, “Now, I have to do this now!”

Its so hard to say goodby to our furry friends. I sucks about as much as anything can suck.


Yeah, it sucks because I’ve literally grown up with her. We got her at three years old and I turned 18 last August.

She died today with her favorite people around her, and she had been purring while we scratched behind her ears like she likes. I’ll miss her :frowning:


Sorry for the loss of your first pet. Remember all the good times you had with her and know she will always have a special place in your heart.

The loss of a loved pet is a deep sadness.

Sending out supporting thoughts.

What a lovely end for one so loved. It’s hard when we can no longer see them, may_be_ignorant, but I figure they have a catly world of wonder to go to, and they’ll visit once in a while because they know how important they were to us.

Bless the puddy one.

I’m so sorry. You have my condolences.
Are you doing ok? I know how difficult it is to lose a pet.