I just sat through the worst anti-drunk driving presentation of my life

So, today I had the “pleasure” if sitting through a presentation by the Save a Life Tour, based on my being under the age of 26 and thus, at higher risk for being terminally stupid. This was by far the worst anti-drunk driving presentation I’d ever sat through, and I’ve been sitting through these things for about ten years now (since I took Driver’s Ed, incidentally).

Anyhow, they start off with a ten minute video (Red Asphalt V) which seemed to be almost entirely graphic depictions of horribly mutilated bodies from alcohol-related car wrecks. Dude who flew through a windshield and broke his neck, folks with their heads cracked open, dismembered limbs, I think one shot actually had a chunk of brain sitting in the grass. Somewhere mixed in here were friends and family members of drunk drivers and/or accident victims giving their emotional appeals, but really, this was mostly overshadowed by the director’s apparent fetish for mutilated bodies.:rolleyes:

Also, the two presenters, also trying their own emotional appeals, were two of the least charismatic guys I’ve ever met in my life. Maybe it was an off-day for them, maybe they ate breakfast in the chow hall and were fighting off a righteous case of intestinal distress, who knows, but if you want us to care about your losses, maybe for a start, you should give us reason to not be generally irritated with your presence.

Of course, the whole point of the save a life tour is their “multi-million dollar” driving simulation, which looks like a late 1990’s video game with three big screens (to give you the ability to look out the sides of the car). The second presenter got two volunteers (incidentally, both of them officers from one of the flying squadrons) to come up and try out the simulator, which was designed to simulate the effects of alcohol on driving reaction time. (I remember when I was in high school, they accomplished the same thing with some special goggles and a go-kart, but this costs more so it’s probably better…). The guy proceeded to very aggressively and loudly give lots of bad driving advice, generally did his best to distract the driver and make him have an accident, then proceeded to try and rip the guy a new one for being such a bad driver and a horrible human being (way to treat a volunteer!:dubious:)

He brought up the second volunteer, and although she did better, he treated her even worse. As soon as they gave us the choice to, I decided to take off rather than use the simulator. Why volunteer to be treated like shit for no personal gain? I can just play video games at home on my own time.:cool:

Seriously though, this was the worst anti-drunk driving presentation I’d ever suffered through. It occurred to me after I left that it was relatively devoid of any actual informative content, such as the effects of alcohol on the human body or the legal penalties for being caught driving while intoxicated.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t drink and drive. I watched the MADD commercials on TV when I was a kid, got the speeches throughout school, and watched the PSAs when I was in Driver’s Ed. Hell, when I was in college, the group I went drinking with had a strict “nobody drives home drunk” policy. When I enlisted, there was more of the same. Hell, I volunteered with the AADD program when I was in tech school and drove drunken servicemembers back to their homes at night so they wouldn’t end up trying to drive (or having to pay for a cab). At best, these programs are a waste of my time, which I at least understand the reason for. In this case, the whole thing was just insulting and demeaning. Just left a bad taste in my mouth and put me in a shitty mood for the rest of the day.:mad: