I just saw a UFO

I was just outside, and I saw something in the sky that I can’t explain. Let me describe it to you: It was shaped like a disk, maybe half a degree in diameter. It just sort of hung there in one place. It was very bright, almost a yellowish color, but way too bright to look at directly. When I turned my face towards it, it had a warming effect. Oh yeah, and it wasn’t dripping water on me.

I have a vague memory of seeing something like that back in May, but it’s kind of hard to remember.

Any ideas what it might have been?

The sun. It is not inhabited.

I see that same one a lot. Keep clear of it–I went outdoors while that thing was in the sky and I got burned.

You’re just a big fat liar. There’s no such thing in Massachusetts. Don’t stir shit up by claiming things that aren’t true, or we’ll be by with torches & pitchforks.

Is it still there, or did it pass behind some dark clouds?

It did. Maybe I just imagined it.

I’d be happy for more clouds to hide that big yellow UFO.

That’s what the Sun Invasion Armada wants you to believe.

The Men in Black want a word with you, tdn.

It;s Dangerious@@@

I wrnt outsife and lookef direvtly at it with ny binpcilars. For seberal minures. I can;r see sjit! What;s happwning to ne@@???@

Cool! I guess we have something in common, then. I want a word with Blondes in Bikinis. Since that particular UFO is around again today, that may have a chance of happening.

But today’s forecast calls for more rain. How… typical.

UFOs are real. We had one land in Cottonfield County, NC two weekends ago. Here’s the story as told in the MMP: