I just saw an ep of Monty Python that I had never seen before!

You are obviously humor-impaired. While the blancmange skit was, admittedly, a bit long, what it may have lacked in humor density was more than compensated by the brilliant absurdity of the premise.

Nope. IIRC the space blancmange ep is from S1 and Mr Neutron (which is most profoundly irritating) was from the final half-series.

"Scott of the Antarctic/Sahara/Antarctic. Featuring one of the best character names ever, Miss Vanilla Hoare.

I don’t know why everyone slags the Bicycle Tour episode. It’s not a laugh riot but is so completely absurd. It’s this amazing dadaist shaggy dog story whose chief fault is that they apparently couldn’t think of any way to get themselves out so they resorted to that “scene missing” bit. I didn’t care for it when I first saw it because it didn’t have the same laugh out loud qualities as other eps but after a few viewings it became one of my favorites.

I like that episode, expecially Palin’s scientist.
In fact a staple answer in our physics class would be:

“I don’t know, I just don’t know…even I…just don’t know”

Palin? I thought it was Chapman. (But it has been a while.)

It was a joke implying that the players at Wimbleton are as interesting as a bland vanilla pudding.

Eric Idle as I remember it.

I looked it up. Chapman. http://orangecow.org/pythonet/sketches/scotsman.htm

My 11-year-old son has developed a love for Monty Python. I’m so proud. sniff

I think the Blancmange episode is one of the first I ever saw.

How strange, it’s Palin in my mind’s eye.
Wonder how many other sketches I’ve got mixed up in my head?

At least we all know it was Idle that played the blancmange :dubious:

Chapman was the scientist in that episode, but Eric Idle, as another scientist, said the “I just don’t know” bit in another episode.

One of my favorite bits from this episode, with the scientest (Charles) and his girlfriend (She):

Charles: Now, which is the worst tennis-playing nation in the world?

She: Er … Australia.

Charles: No. Try again.

She: Australia?

Charles: No… try again but say a different place.

She: Oh, I thought you meant I’d said it badly.

Graham Chapman was the scientist in the incredibly lame “Blancmange” episode. Eric Idle was the scientist who said “I don’t know, I just don’t know” in the episode with Basil and the killer sheep.