I just saw an ep of Monty Python that I had never seen before!

And it was really not that funny.
I think the title of the ep was “You’re no fun anymore”. A great deal of the time was spent on a sci-fi horror movie spoof about a blancmanch from Andromeda that was trying to win Wimbeldon by truning all Englishmen into Scotsmen.
Anyone else seen this one?

I’ve seen it. I remember the blancmange bit. Not one of the best episodes, but anything from the Monty Python guys is better than most of the stuff that passes for comedy these days.

I just saw that one for the first time a week ago (a friend had taken out the Flying Circus DVDs from the library).

I thought it was relatively dull, kind of like the SNL sketches that go on for way too long. But still, it had a few good bits.

That is my favorite Monty Python episode!!! No lie!! My daughter and I re-enact it all the time! (we’re bored sometimes.)

Our favorite part is the red afros on the Scotsmen. Also the blancmange vs. scotsman tennis match - the sound effects of the blancmange squishing around are hilarious!

Ahh, it wasn’t that bad. Python humor, bad BBC special effects, and English babies in prams turning into Scotsmen.

Besides, the scientist’s girlfriend was hot.

That wasn’t a terrible episode - not as bad as the one about the bicycle tour of Europe.

“Daddy’s turned into a Scotsman!”
“Mr. Llewellyn???”

I always loved that.

“Och, ye’re a stupid man, Angus Podgorny!”

“They mean to take Wimbleton”

That was an epsiode that seemed to run less frequently. Like the Church of No Questions Asked, I only saw that once or twice.

I used to not like the bicycle tour ep, but now it’s among my favorites. As is this ep. I heart the alien blancmange.

That’s the first episode of Flying Circus I ever saw.

I love this episode! But not half as much as I love the bicycle tour episode.


I remember this episode, because it was the first one that didn’t make me laugh at all. I’d been watching them regularly on PBS, and then got to this one, and thought “Guess the honeymoon’s over.”

Maybe it would’ve helped if I’d known what a blancmange is. I doubt it.

I assumed you meant “EP” as in “Extra Play” vinyl record.

I once put on a Monty Python EP for my friends while stoned. It was exactly the same record I’d always had, but this time we hadn’t heard any of it before.

Turned out it was this one. If it was the utter freak out experience the Python team hoped would happen, they were certainly not disappointed.

I saw it years ago, late 1970s, in my late teens & I still laugh to think about it. Incidentally, it’s referenced in LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN Vol 2.

Refresh my memory.

Is this the one with Mr. Neutron? Played by Graham Chapman? If so, that’s a great episode, if only because it taught me that the French have a food called “White Eat.” (Is that how you’d translate blancmange?)

I hope my daughter (aged 2 1/2) grows up to appreciate Monty Python, unlike her mother.

I’ve seen them all so many times that I can’t really be objective anymore. I have my most favorites, but I don’t really have my least favorites.

I saw this episode yonks ago on PBS. I liked the people turning into Scots, but for the most part it wasn’t one of the better ones. Still, it’s better than the Bicycle Tour. (That one had its moments, but it went on too long.)

I remember and like this one, particularly the bit where the scientist finally clocks his lovely assistant for being such a ding bat. It does drag out the joke way too long, but then, that’s kind of the point.

The bicycle episode was the first I remember not laughing about at all.

I think my favorite skit from the show is “How Not To Be Seen”. Nice explosions, there. Either that, or the film with the giant electric penguin.

And I and a collegue have been throwing this quote back and forth recently: “Some people make the mistake of seeing Shunt’s work as a load of rubbish about railway timetables, but clever people like me, who talk loudly in restaurants, see it as a deliberate ambiguity, a plea for understanding in the mechanized mansion. The point is taken, the beast is frozen.”

It fits in nicely with the word salad and general cognitive dissonance that passes for management around here recently.


I’ve always been partial to the Election Night Special, with the Slightly Silly Party, Silly Party, and Very Silly Party, and such distinguished, august candidates for Parliament as Jethro Q. Walrustitty, Tarquin Fintimlimbim Ole Ftang Ftang Biscuitbarrel, and Kevin Phillips Bong.