I just saw an episode of Mad-Men from season 5...

…in a dream I had last night. :stuck_out_tongue: From what I remember Don Draper had discovered he had an indentical twin brother, who had a completely different personality and was much fatter than him. Peggy was working one some ad campaign that involved candy dispensers shapped like Joan. And Pete and Betty were having an argument in some kind of weird outdoor rooftop living room.

And now back to the real world; any word on when season 5 will start? I know the original contract is for 5 seasons and AMC’s in talks with Weiner for 2 additonal seasons, but with a lower budget.

The new season shan’t begin before 2012. Apparently Peggy will again go the year without being naked, for which I blame the rest of you.

When I was a boy, I once dreamed of my entire lineup of Saturday morning cartoons in detail. When I woke up, I felt as if I’d already watched four hours of TV, so I chose to play outside. My parents were baffled.

That has disturbing Freudian overtones written all over tit.

I saw what you did there…:smiley: