I just saw Dogville

I’m not sure how to describe, which makes it hard to talk about it with friends. Like *Our Town * with a Sadistic/Masochistic streak. Hugely depressing for the last hour or so…and then the ending, where

Grace has everyone in the town gunned, including the kids who tormented her, and burning the town to the ground.

In any other movie, it would be horrible, and yet here, I found myself cheering. My mother, who watched it with me, was doing the same thing. In fact, the exact though came to my mind several minutes before it happened.

I feel like this makes me a sicko, a sadist, a bad person, even though I feel bad for cheering. Such conflicting feeling. I’m not sure whether it was powerful or merely emotionally manipulative.

I didn’t feel too bad for the adults, except for the old Doctor. The rest of them were complict in the whole affair, and they all knew it. No pity at all for her boyfriend after that active betrayal.

The childern were little brats, but I still felt a tauge of guilt…the little snotnosed “spank me” boy I felt little pity for. The baby seemed to cross the line.

Maybe it proves Graces point that they were little more then animals. But then again, her Father was right when he reminded her what happens to dangerous animals. But I respected her a lot more doing that then if she had decided to forgive them all. Maybe it was selfish wish fulfillment, but it did make me feel a lot better after watching her be totured and raped for an hour.

Again, a very thought provoking, though very harsh and dark film.